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Once upon a time, in a hyper realistic town there was a girl named Doris.  Doris had been bullied for a WHOLE MONTH by a girl named Sofia. The super intense bullying started on her first day of 6th grade. The fist experience she had with Sofia was when Doris was walking to her desk and Sofia put her leg out to TRIP her *gasp*. After that Doris went home and CRIED. From that point on Doris grew to HATE Sofia.

After a whole month of being called a butthead, having her lunch money stolen and even being hardcore prank called, Doris was ready to act. So as soon as the bell rang to signal the end of the school day Doris ran down the path to her house. She was halfway down the dirt path when she ran into none other than Sofia who was holding a piece of paper in her hand. As Doris got closer she realized that the piece of paper Sofia was holding was Doris' homework which she had stolen from Doris' backpack while waiting for the teacher to open the classroom door. When Sofia caught the eyes of Doris she ripped the homework to shreds. Doris screamed and charged at Sofia knocking her over.

"How dare you rip my paper you stupid, slutty, bitchy, ugly, WHORE!!!" Doris screamed. "Now I have to walk a whole ten feet to get another paper! I'll kill you for this!!"

Doris pulled her headphones out of her left hello kitty backpack pocket and strangled Sofia to death.  After the deed was done Doris ran to her house and into her bathroom where she then cut her cheeks in up and down.  Then she went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and systematically killed her family which consisted of her parents, and her little sister. Then she went took her little sisters bloody, ripped, toddler sized Elsa dress and Butterfly wings and sewed them onto her body with sparkly thread. Then she glitter glued a tiny knife onto her sisters butterfly wand. After Perfecting her look she ran out into the now dark night screaming "Call me Butterfly Elsa the Killer!!"

After this whole ordeal no one has ever seen Doris again, and those who have, haven't lived to tell the magical, violent tale.

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