Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.7

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Hello, the name's Francis, and I'm a total Dragon Ball buff. I've watched all the episodes and movies, played a lot of the games, and collected a lot of the merchandise. I haven't played Budokai 3 yet, so when my friend said he had a copy I can borrow, I was stoked!

He handed me the case at school two days later. When I got home, I instantly mashed the disc into my PS2 and turned on the power. When the PS2 started up, instead of those blue laser things like you usually see, I saw seven Dragon Balls. I thought it was a cool addition while the intro started.

Goku was flying on his Nimbus as normal, but antsy to play the game, I hurredly skipped to the Main Menu. I played it all day, all night, and all the time for two weeks, as school recently ended. I was playing the game as normal, wishing on the Dragon Balls, when one of the choices for a wish vanished and put in a new option:

"I want to experience this world myself!"

Thinking the option was a bit odd, I curiously selected it.

"Your wish has been granted," Shenron said with a smirk, which was odd. Instantly, my surroundings changed. I was surrounded by lava and crumbling terrain. Instanly, I felt a sharp, agonizing pain under me as I collapsed on the ground. My vision blurry, I saw a man seem to taunt me and revitalized me.

I felt myself dully get up as the man flew away. A sudden overbearing feeling of hate seeped through me as red clouded my vision. I thrust my hand at the figure and a beam of energy flew from it.

The man quickly turned around and shouted "You fool!" as he returned fire at me. All at once, I felt my flesh rip and burn at the seams. It was total and utter agony. After the light of the man's blast faded, I was staring at my room. It felt like I was looking at it through my television, but that's preposterous.

Suddenly, from absolutely nowhere, Frieza appeared in front of my room, surrounded by Dragon Balls. He seemed to say something, but I couldn't hear. Shenron burst from the Dragon Balls, now having a slight blue tint to them, and hovered in his massive form in front of Frieza. Frieza said something and Shenron returned to the Dragon Balls, which are now blue with purple stars.

Frieza turned around with a look that seemed to imply triumph and a smile that flashed ever-so-sadistically and pointed his finger at my head and fired a Death Beam. I died on the spot.

I tell this from purgatory, from where King Yenma sent me. Frieza is now immortal and triumphs over everyone in the universe. Please, whoever may read this, help us! Please!

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