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Okay..... SO I was in my room on the computer Chillin' and going with the flow right? I notice the file labeled "Dragons.vbs" I opened it and it said... "See you soon... ~ Lak" My reaction was... "COOL I HAVE A DATE WITH A GIRL THAT HAS A FREAKY NAME!!! XD" New file appeared and said... "I'm a dragon and a guy!!!" then the reaction was... ":/ Okay..." Lak appeared at the doorstep and I welcomed him in.... He kinda looked like "Spyro da Dragon" but he had 3 horns on his nose... He was TOO CUTE he sat down at the dinner table and said... "GIMME DA PICKELS" So... I got him some pickles... He was the type O' dragon that was hongry all da time soooooooo I went to McDonalds and Mickey Mouse was the window guy.. he said "WELCOME TO TEH MICKIE D'S HOW MAY I TAKE UR ORDER???" "I would like 4 Triple Cheeseburgers... EXTRA PICKLES" was my answer... I went to the pick-up window and a clown was the window person... I told him "I want my food!" He whacked me and said "I DON'T THINK SO! Homey don't play dat..." I was all like "Jeez!!!" He then gave me mah food... *I then go home to Mr. LAK!!!* and give him his shit... He eats it and tells me "MORE!!!"

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