Drake and Josh: Lost Episode

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Drake and Josh had an unaired episode back in 2007. It started with Drake and Josh coming home, about to walk into Megan's trap. Josh tripped in the door and landed in a trap meant to pick him up by his foot. It got his neck. As he flew up his neck snapped and Drake and Megan tried to get him down. Megan fell and suffered major trauma to her head. Panicking, Drake takes Megan to the hospital. Drake's parents come home to find their son dead. This causes Josh's dad to go to his room and a gunshot is heard. Drake then comes home and tells his mom that Megan is in the hospital. She goes into a panic and when she found out it was a coma, she went into a depression and overdosed on antidepressants. 5 years after these events transpired, Megan woke up and asked Drake, "Where are Sam and Freddie?" Drake replied with, "Megan, you've been in a coma..."

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I guess its gonna take some time to relign eh? ;D