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We all know that feeling. The feeling that someone is right behind you, yet you're too scared to turn around and look. The feeling that somebody is waiting for you to walk past the darkened laundry room, so they can pull you in, but you're too frightened to check. Well, I get this feeling a lot more than the normal person, and it's all because of that one night...

Me and my parents have developed a sort of... tradition. Every night, my parents allow me to stay up to 11 P.M. downstairs, on the computer. Most of the time, my parents go to bed at around 09:00 P.M., which left me with 2 hours in the basement, on the computer, alone.

The problem, was that directly behind the computer chair, was the ever so dreaded laundry room. The light in there was always turned off, and I always tricked myself into thinking that I could hear sounds coming from the room.

Most of the time, I left the T.V. on for extra noise, as it extremely comforted me. As well, more often than not, I came up at 10:00 P.M. Rather than 11:00P.M. This was usually because I got freaked out by noises, or something. But most of the time, it was because I had the smart idea of reading Creepypasta's while I was alone, at night. Almost every time I had this idiotic idea, I ended up sprinting up the stairs as if the Devil himself was chasing me.

When I got to my bedroom, I would put my headphones on, snap open my 3DS, and watch some Netflix. Thank god the 3DS has Netflix, otherwise I would have suffered many sleepless nights. Having watched almost all of the anime available to Canadian Netflix, I searched for something to watch. I eventually settled on a show called "Ghost Hound". I touched the "Play Episode" button, and the show began.

Well, at least I thought it had started. The screen began to glitch out, and a text box was displayed. The text read: "Turn Back. You're Missing Something." This creeped me out a bit, but I dismissed it as a glitch of some sort. Naturally, I tried watching the episode again. The screen glitched out, and a text box was displayed. This time however, the text read: "Go Back To Where It Started. Look For The Dreaded Message."

Then, the feeling of dread was back again. By "Back Where It Started." did it mean the basement? I had to check.

I slowly got out of my bed, and walked downstairs. As always, I had left all of the lights on, so the journey down didn't scare me. Once I got downstairs, however, it was a different story. For some odd reason, the T.V. was on, even though I was sure I had turned it off before I went upstairs. What was on the T.V. was absolutely traumatizing. Images of dismembered bodies, some with their entrails hanging out of their stomach, some with eyes out of their sockets, and many, many more gruesome images were flashing on the T.V. screen.

Then, a string of text appeared on the T.V. screen. It said: "Watch Your Back." Nothing has happened to me yet, but I fear something will soon. This is why I'm writing this down, in case somebody else has the same problem as I do.

Credited to CalicoReaper

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