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Ever get that feeling when you can't breathe and it feels like something is stuck in your throat? Your chest gets tight, you lose focus, you get fatigued? Like you're drowning? Water isn't something to fool around with... it's a demon itself. Wouldn't you think such an element that can't make physical contact could kill a person? Something we drink in everyday life and kill us... isn't that something? Hell might not only be an inferno... it might be a pool of sorrow and suicide that you can't escape from... and it will take you up and drown you.

Water can get up to 212 degrees which is hot as hell if I say so myself. Hell might be over thousands of degrees but water can easily get there if we let Satan take more control over our bodies and negativity. Also, we can get kidney problems from drinking water. Something 'healthy' can hurt us. It's happened to you too right? Interesting. Don't drink any more water; keep it away from you at all cost or you'll end up drowning as I did.

Credited to LuxScorpio

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