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So basically the other day when I was eating at starbucks the Us military decided to check on Isis the other day when they found something strange in the sand. It appeared to be a pink man in a strange star shape. Because i was at the Us military bases at that time because I was at a school trip I knew who it must have been


I tried to tell the Us military about who he was but they wouldn't listen because I was only 7 and teenagers are too young to have any say in combat situations. I knew they were right but I had to save the world becuase EVIL PATRIXXX is too strong for any of them so earlier that day I decided to break into the military base, being careful not to make any noise with my feet becuase there is a guard right in front of me. "this will show them for ignoring me" I thought out loud, as I quitely sneaked past the guard without so much of the merest of sounds.

I finally managed to get to the computer where all of the Us military things happened but Obama was there so I had to put on a really high voice and say "Obama, this is your wife and its' time for dinner"

"Okay honey" Obama said and went home, leaving the computer open for me to use. I went over to the computer and looked at the screen where there was Cctv looking at Isis bases and at one of them in a big pool of water was EVIL PATRIXXX. All of a sudden there was a loud sound that went a bit like "arrrrg" and all of a sudden EVIL PATRIXXX appeared infront of me all of a sudden but he was still on the computer screen, not there in real life.

I knew I was done for if I didnt move so I jumped out of the way before a missile flew out of the disk drive and blew up a door. "oh shit" I whispered to my self but the guard heard it and shouted "Who whispered 'oh shit'?" I said it was me and EVIL PATRIXXX will kill you if you don't move but he didn't move instead he shot me and EVIL PATRIXXX shot another missile and blew him up. "noo" I shouted so the guard got up and said "I'm sorry for shooting you" and I said "its ok" and then he died.

You will pay for this EVIL PATRIXXX I though but then he disappeared.

Later I got on a plane with a robot arm becuase the guard who shot me made my arm fell of so I got an robot one which has missiles and guns and lasers and swords on it. When the plane went over the Isis base I jumped out and landed on the Isis base with my arm becuase it's metal and doesn't take fall damage. "You will pay" I said and killed all of the terrorists and Isis and some women and children because they were probably going to die anyway but EVIL PATRIXXX got on a plane and flew away into the twin towers so I thought "phew he's dead" and went home.

But EVIL PATRIXXX didn't die and to this day he goes around to peoples houses at night and kills people

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