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Posted as a reply to a 4chan thread where the attached image was Pepe the Frog getting zapped by a malfunctioning electric showerhead

It is perfectly secure, no electrical current can get to the water.

No one can get inside the bathroom without a key, meaning that anyone entering would to break down my door to gain access. If someone were able to break in, there are several security cameras installed at every entrance. There are more than ten such cameras throughout my house, meaning that my shower is the most secure place on earth.

So what is this talk about "danger"? Maybe you're just looking for excuses to attack me because you don't like how I live my life, you are angry that my bathroom is secure and private, but if so let's have some common sense here. You've never met me or even seen me naked. So why should I care? Do I really need your permission to use an electrical showerhead? Is this something that makes you uncomfortable? It doesn't make you uncomfortable, does it? Let's put aside our differences, we both know better. We also know that these things aren't dangerous, they are simply safe. So what is this about? Are you trying to tell me that I am somehow breaking laws by using electricity? This isn't a light-hearted discussion about whether I can pee standing up or not, you are attacking me as though I'm doing something wrong. Why must people constantly try to scare others into thinking that they will die in horrible ways if they dare to take a shower?

Now imagine your gas heating, what would a criminal do to kill you? He could simply set fire to your house, causing massive damage and death without even having to break down your door. As you lay there burning under the gas shower spitting fire, you would think back to me and my perfectly safe electric showerhead.

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