Elmo's World - Lost Episode: Elmo's Suicide

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Hi, i used to be a big fan of Elmo's World when i was 3 or 4, but i was feeling kinda nostalgic, so i went to the thrift store, finding a copy of an Elmo's World episode, it was the regular DVD box for Elmo's World, but it had the words "DON'T WATCH, PLEASE!" written in red marker. "the fuck?" I muttered to myself, i thought it was just a prank, so i bought it and brought it home to watch it. It started with the regular intro, and Elmo was walking down Sesame Street, and he went to find blanket. But he couldn't find him, and he then said, "Where's Blanket? i'm so sad!" the screen then cut to black and showed Emo walking down the street very sadly, he then saw a rope, and tried to hang himself. But the rope snapped. He continued walking and found a shotgun. He then shot his head and his brain was shown, bleeding horribly. But he wasn't dead yet, it then showed a montage of Elmo brutally trying to commit suicide. After it was over, Elmo looked horribly mutilated. He then screamed: "W H Y W O N ' T I D I E ? ! ? !" He proceeded to grab Ernie's rubber duck and shove it down his throat, and then he started repeatedly shooting himself. It was so loud i felt like my ears would start bleeding, Elmo then finally collapsed to the ground, groaning. Elmo was dead, and then the camera darted up to show Blanket. And then the credits rolled. I personally thought i was the lucky one since i heard that several people committed suicide after seeing this episode. I dug a hole in my basement, and buried it in the hole, and set the hole on fire. so if you ever see another copy of this episode, do what i did.

Written by BugInAPizzaBox
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