Eminem - Godzilla (Original Version)

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Hello, my name’s Eddie Wehly. I’m 23 years old and I’m a big fan of Eminem’s hit track Godzilla. The story I am about to tell you actually happened to me…

I was scrolling through YouTube. Looking for memes. And shit like that.

I noticed a video uploaded by a channel called EminemLostVEVO. The video was called Godzilla (Original Version) (Official Music Video), I was excited. I shouldn’t have been…

The video started with Eminem, in a white-padded cell. He starts to scream. As the music gets louder. Eminem suddenly swallows a shot of vodka. His heart almost stops completly.

He falls to the ground. A loud thud is heard. Whispering was coming from behind him. Eminem turned around and saw a body, it looked like a young man, who looked around 20 years old.

Eminem saw his first album, on it was a note. It said this.

"The music killed me, you will be sorry." The perspective changed to a first person view of Eminem running and screaming. The audio distorted and it was very choppy.

Static filled the screen. The music contiuned, for what seemed like forever. It was the same version of Godzilla, but, it had a slight echo. The lyrics were now, changed. To say the least.

Saying things like "YOUR NEXT." and "I’ll kill you." and "I know where you live." The beat was the same, but, it sounded, off.

After the second beat, it stops for about 2 seconds. The audio got worse and worse. Eminem was unrecognisable. He had so many pixels on him, making him look like a monster.

Eminem faces to the front, staring. He says one thing. It was, a bit unlike Eminem to say though.

"Am I the monster?" He starts to cry tears of what seemed like blood, this blood, it looked very real. Like it was from a actual person.

A music box begins to play a slow version of Godzilla. Eminem’s face turned red. He haf sharp and pointy teeth. Almost like a vampire.

He slowly walked towards the wall, banging it in anger. He looked very upset. His heart seemed to be beating fast.

Suddenly, the music box stopped. The music contiuned. The lights started to flicker, the video was now normal.

The music started playing backwards. This wasn’t normal. Screaming was heard. Eminem looked to his left, then to his right.

He saw dead bodies. He screamed. Assuring himself that it was just a dream. Eminem looked at a mirror. A message was written in blood. It said this.

"Look behind you." Eminem slowly turned around, gritting his teeth. He saw a shadow version of himself. He was wearing a black hoodie, with stains of blood on it. His face seemed very pale. Then, there were, creepy lyrics. Here are the lyrics:

"I wish I wasn’t alive, I could not survive, in my hell, I am a shell, I am going to die." Eminem seemed sad. Emotionally broken. Bawling like a baby. Having a mental breakdown.

A shadow appears. Comforting him. It said something. It sounded, cool, I guess.

"Do not be afraid, for I am here to protect you." Eminem smiled a big smile and then, it disappeared. Eminem was left alone. Still with that dead man. His name was Khakis. Which was a pretty weird name for a guy.

Eminem said something so so scary. Here is what he said:

"I should wear Khakis now." I thought he was talking about the shoes, but, nope, he was talking about the dead man. He wore his skin. Eminem laughed a evil and demonic laugh.

Eminem’s eyes were red. He said things that I didn’t think he would say.

For example, he said things like "I am all powerful!" and "I shall dęštròŷ ęvęrŷóńę…" That was super creepy. I know what it meant. The next part was, odd.

Eminem was seen, holding a gun. He shot it at another man called Eric. He was dead. Eminem laughed like a supervillian. His eyes turned white. My hair stood up on end.

The music played, but, there was some screaming in the background. Tortured screams of people who have died to Eminem’s wreckless ways and murderous intent.

Eminem looked at me. He said a thing.

"So, that’s why they call it Music To Be Murdered By." Eminem was sad now. He cried for a minute. Messages appeared. More and more weird things happened.

Eminem felt faint. He drunk some strange-looking beer. It looked like radioactive waste. However, it was witch’s brew, planted in there by Unikitty as a witch.

Unikitty was seen, flying on her broom. Grabbing tightly onto her black hat. Her cape flowing in the wind. Somehow, the white-padded cell was removed. They were outside in the dark now.

Unikitty cackled. She ran into the forest. Holding her broom.

"Well, I guess I should drink this." Eminem said. He drunk it. He was turned into a frog. Unikitty suddenly started to cook in her cauldron.

A cold wind blew. Unikitty started to cackle. Mixinf her brew.

She started to add ingridents. It cut to Eminem, he was saying stuff like "Ribbit." and "Holy shit!" and other stuff.

The cauldron bubbled. Eminem suddenly changed back to normal. He decided to investigate. The music kicked in again. It sounded slightly quieter. Which was weird. It was also in reverse.

Unikitty cackled, as she held her hat. She stopped brewing her cauldron. She hopped onto her broom. She flew away. Then, she cackled. Then she disappeared.

Eminem threw the beer into the trash. His eyes turned red. He said one thing.

"Happy Halloween!" He laughed evilly. One more message appeared.

"Eminem will get you, you cannot hide." Then, it ended. I realised that it was a Halloween video. Which was to be expected. Since it WAS uploaded on Halloween anyways.

It still resides on that channel. Waiting for people to watch it and exprience true terror for themselves. There’s more videos however.

But, that’s a story for another day. So, if you ever come across that fucking video, don’t watch it. Don’t make the same mistake I did. You will regret it if you do.

The video has ruined my entire life and family and very much other things. I am not the same. Help me. It has well and truly and really and mostly and it has actually ruined my fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fuckibg, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking life.

Oh my god, Eminem has taken over meeeeeejsjainsjdhdhrjd00010101dnjejwjwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Help. Stop him. The video has ruined my gosh darn hecking hopeless funny trainwreck of a life. Now, it will ruin yours, too…

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