Entitty 303

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k one day i wus playing mincraft on da xbocks and some weerd white ting shoed up and i waulkd towrds ut an i dead

when i respwna i wus in the neather and it was flat i thought it wus an updat

my character went in to third person and i died again by a invisble person shuving a dimond sord in stevs stomich and guts fell everywere and steves balls fell off too and the white thinfg wus holding my bals

i died again and it says:

mememailzacspeed was slain by 303

i went on my pee see and played some sanic den all of da sudden my xbocks turnd on an it showd entitty 303 holding my bals

i wnt 2 my xboks and took out my minecraft disck and i put modarn werfar tree in it

and it had entitty 303 tow

then my pc shut down an a skeletn poped out an i dead

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