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Hello, I was looking around the store/internet with my friend Kyle for a SNES/ROM/Saturn game called "Classic Game" and found one. The old man at the counter of the flea market told me I can have it for free. This is were things begin to seem off.

I put/downloaded the ROM/CD/Cartridge inside a folder/SNES/Saturn. It started normally when the screen glitched/turned off and a sound/screech came out of the speakers of the TV/PC. The volume was low so I don't know how that happened. I played the ROM/CD/Cartridge and hyper realistic blood/bloody picture appeared on the screen. I started playing the game as Tails/Godzilla/Mario and I saw dead bodies/blood everywhere. I saw Sonic/Scary Monster/Spooky Picture and the screen turned black/red. My friend heard the doorbell rang and went to go check it out. He saw a bloody doll/plushie and cleaned it off. I heard an explosion and saw Tails Doll Monster.exe and fought it with all my might. My friend died from the explosion. I grabbed a sledge hammer and destroyed the beast. My house exploded and I got mutated and turned into an X-Men who saved the world from Inter-Galactic Aliens. I went into a starship and blew up the planet of the aliens. My house fixed itself and Cat in the Hat came up to me and turned into a wolf to go into his adventure out in the woods where Slender Man eats cheetos all day.

The Cartridge

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