Evil Legos!

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Furbearingbrick:Jeff steps on a Lego and screams.
8:37Tunika04:or he takes it like a boss
8:37Mr.Zalgopasta:That's shit hurts like hell.
8:37Tunika04:it does
8:37Furbearingbrick:It's so evil that it goes THROUGH his sneaker!
8:37Tunika04:I went all out caps rage on it before
8:37The Stitcher's Assailant:You know when people use commas to connect all their sentences, and only use periods to end paragraphs?
8:37Tunika04:Builders 2: Attack of the Legos in the dark

8:38Mr.Zalgopasta:Evil Legos
:that's... new.
8:38Tunika04:that could be a new pasta O_O
8:38Furbearingbrick:Evil legos that seek out the feet of serial killers.
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8:39Mr.Zalgopasta:A noble evil lego indeed.
8:39HiddenSpirit:First victim: The Zodiac Killer.
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8:39ObliterationoftheSelf:If they're evil, why would they seek out serial killer feet...?
8:39The Stitcher's Assailant:Oh, screw it. That pasta sucks anyways.
8:39Mr.Zalgopasta:Too bad the Zodiac Killer is more than likely already dead.
8:39HiddenSpirit:Why not?
8:39Furbearingbrick:Because they give 'em competition.
8:40Mr.Zalgopasta:There ain't room on the floor fer two of us...
8:40Furbearingbrick:I smell a trollpasta.
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8:40Tunika04:So... is santa sagitarrius?
8:40Mr.Zalgopasta:Are sagitarriuses annoyingly happy?
:If so, then yes.
8:40Tunika04:Well... I am sagitarruis
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8:41EvraVon53:<-- Sagittarius
8:41Shinigami.Eyes:Whee. I need to withdraw $50 from my account to finish Christmas shopping.
8:41Tunika04:My birthday is on december 12
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8:41Shinigami.Eyes:I'm a cranky old goat. :< Joy for being a Capricorn.
8:41The Stitcher's Assailant:I'm confused... I'm reading a pasta where a guy wrote Naughties, but I think he meant Nineties.
8:41ObliterationoftheSelf:I wished this could have been an amazing moral conundrum about the necessity of evil fighting evil, or what we define as good- harming the body of a serial killer, whom are almost universally loathed, or taking an approach? Who is the real villain- the serial killer, or those who blindly and ignorantly cheer on harm to a person?

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