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So I was an intern at Fox so like we got to like see new episodes of family guy and stuff before we like aired it and stuff so we were all like sitting in the room where we like watch stuff and it started and like the theme song was all normal and junk but then like stuff was weird when it actually started cuz like the animation was like all weird and not good and junk and like yeah and so we were all like "wtf" but we kept watching it anyway and like all the characters were like acting all weird like lois and peter were being like all pissed off at eak over and like stewie like didn't talk at all and brian was like a real dog instead of being like a talking dog and stuff and like yeah im forreal you guys this is so scary and so like then meg walked in the door and she was like "hey" and then like peter was all like "shut up meg" and meg was all "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME" except the audio was all like staticy and like distorted and then she went to her room and like started like crying but it was like way realistic sounding and like her eyes were all red and HYPER REALISTIC OMG NOBODY SAWED THAT COMING YALL and then like the crying got all like louder and stuff and then like the shot went back down to the family downstairs except for like brian was gone and lois was all "fuck you peter" and i was like "woah" cuz like family guy swears a lot but not THAT much and peter was like "your a whore for sleeping with quagmire" and i was like "WOAH" cuz like lois and quagmire would never ever like do that and then it like went back up to meg's room and like brian was like eating meg and like speaking in tongues and it was like way creepy and like forreal you guys i almost threw up. so liek yeah we called mr mcfarlane in and showed it to him and he was like "weotbiowergbiobiogw" and so like production got all backed up and the season couldn't start for like MONTHS YALL. oh and also like since them everyone in that room has been dying one by one and i'm like one of two left so im probably gonna die soon so yeah. And then a skeleton popped out. SO SKURT. TEH END.

Credited to ShelbyxTaylor

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