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peter griffin making a stupid face...

i love family guy! i love that show so much that if i had a disk i will butt fuck it.

so one day i was watching american pie (dad) as normal. and then a stupid ad for a new family guy came. it showed the picture on the screen for 5 seconds and then words in white said new family dog coming up on nick.

its stupid how it puts nick instead of adult swim. and all the comercials were the same comercial. it then went to the fucking show.

it had the title screen only the lyrics was from the cleveland show theme song and the music. and meg was dead but nobody notice and the curtains were green. then peter ate lois in the middle of the theme.

it then showed the american dad house. and peter was sitting on the couch like a fat drunk like he is. he farted multiple times and then he got up. lois was in the kitchen eating a coffee cup. and peter jumps on lois and eats her.

chris was then getting chased by 5 black people with pitch forks. peter then took a huge shit on the floor and ate the whole dinner table.

so then stewie was trying to flush rubert his dumbass teddy bear. and brian was at a bar and strangley drinking milk. then jullian came. jullian is the dumb girl that brian once dated. she was talking to brian for like 3 minutes then her eyes turn complete black and she ran around yelling gibbresh. her skin then glowed red and she ate everyone.

stewie then came back from the bathroom with only 1 foot.

and chris got stewie and threw him down the steps. and he landed faceplanted at the wall. and peter then went upstairs on 4 feet.

it then showed meg dead on her bed with a huge fucking rock dildo up her ass. it then went to comercials but the comercials were all about family guy again. it then went back to the show in 30 seconds. it showed brian walking on the street with a llama. and then mayor west put brian in a bag and threw him at a running car. i saw ketchup coming from the bag and then the griffins house was on fire.

chris was asleep on top of the car. and peter had stewie in his mouth and then ate him. peter then died of alcohol poisoning and the next day the house was flying and chris was on the roof yelling i'm flying! he then went inside and it was full of sex dolls and one had a pirate hat and a eyepatch. it then said the next day. and the sex dolls putted chris in the oven. chris was screaming then he died. and it went black for 0 seconds and came back with the sex dolls eating chrises body.

and the last moment showed mayor west extremely skinny in a old gangster bathroom. and he died and hulk yes i mean the actual hulk from the movie broke threw the wall and jacked off all over mayor wested body then ate him.

the credits were not going in reverse and the letters were yellow as usual and then a skeleton popped out and i died.

Written by Sleashking‎
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