Family guy a not normal episode

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On the other hand, this is completely normal.

so i was so happy cause meh sister is dead so i wanted to celebrate by watching family guy season 12. i went to netflicks and it hads family guy season 13. i made a happy whale sound and there was only 1 episude it was named FUCK FAMILY GUY!!!. i was kinda shock that it was in all caps and it said the f word in duh name. i thought it was like a lost episude and it was.

duh fucking episude- it hads no theme and it had the season 11 animation and peter was naked drinking beer on the couch and so wa stewie. WHY THE FUCK WAS STEWIE DRINKING BEER?!!

peter then punched stewie in duh face and put him in duh oven. meg then came and peter farted in megs face as always and punched meg in the face and stole her shoes.

it then showed the griffins outside and meg wasn't there. and stewies head was blue. they were there drinking beers for like 5 minutes so i skipped that part and then peter yawned and said fuck you guys i'm doing some fuckkign stuff assholes!!!.

i was kinda shocked how family guy doesn't cus that much and now it does. lois smiled and said ohhh...duh stuff...wonderful. she sounded like she was sad. peter then was grumpy and punched chris. and chris yelled in stewies voice why the fuck did you do that asshole!!!.

it then showed the griffins on a snowy mountain and they rode a helicopter and crashed it into joes house. joe yelled what in the fucking shit petter!!!.

peter punched joe and killed him and peter got a gun and shot his whole family. peter then went to clevelands house and shot him in the dick and cleve yelled PETER WHAT THE HELL!!!.

peter laughed and shot him in the head.

quagmire was then running and screaming. peter then shot quagmire in the face and rode the helicopter into a sky scraper and shot everyone in the entire city and then nuked the place. everybody was dead. the whole america was destroyed and then peter bombed all states and the earth was distroyed.

peter was in a rocket in space laughing seeing the world gone. he then saw rodger from american dad smoking cocaine and peter shot rodger in the dick then head.

it then showed him going in a portal and it showed spongebob sleeping and peter came and killed spongebob by shooting him and then shooting everybody in the bikini bottom and spongebob world.

peter then went in another rocket and nuked the place. peter laughed and said sa onoro's mego's. and peter shot the screen and thats when the episode ended.

i was in suprise after that and then a skeleton popped out and farted and snap meh neck and i think i died?.

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