Fantastic Mister Horse goes to de store

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One day, Fantastic Mister Horse (aka Mike) opened his pantry AND A SKELETON POPPED OUT!!11

Jk, it was empty.

Ed Edd and Eddy jumped out and stabbed OMGitsGhastly in the face, but that was in Indiana and Fantastic Mister Horse wasn't there, so yeah

Fantastic Mister Horse went to the store but then realized that the worlz SPLODED but he didn't care, he just wanted his peanut butter cactus milk.

All the grass ever burned on fire to bluud of death, so Fantastic Mister Horse's house burned down, but he didn't care, he just wanted his peanut butter cactus milk. He HAD to have it.

When he came to the sex arena grocery store, he found the Fonz, who said "AYYYYYYYY" before drifting off into the vast eternities of space and the universe.

Fantastic Mister Horse jumped into a polar vortex before realizing he had forgotten his peanut butter cactus milk, and took a taxi to Neverland, before seeing that the driver was Doctor Whooves, before he had run out of peanut butter cactus milk, before his house burned down, before the grass committed mass suicide by fire, before teh worlz sploded, before Ed Edd and Eddy stabbed OMGitsGhastly, before Fantastic Mister Horse opened his pantry, before the universe formed, Fantastic Mister Horse saw the answer...

But then he got his peanut butter cactus milk, and went to his burnt-down house to drink it.

​Delicious, delicious peanut butter cactus milk.

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