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In the summer of 2012, the fashion world was taken by a storm when the young designer named Levon Khelagar surprised everyone with a stunning display of what has been called 'the most exotic, bizarre and breathing-taking' style of clothes and accessories for this season.

This young Armenian designer's rise to popularity is shrouded in controversy, however. One of the main reasons was how picky he was with his models. He would interview each on of them on private, and would turn each and everyone of them down for reasons unspecified. The weird thing is, all those models he rejected, were never seen again, probably leaving the fashion industry after failing to meet the standards...or so he claimed.

Eventually he found his perfect pairing with Russian model Nastia Lyudoed, whom he said had chosen because of "her perfect skin...a skin so beautiful it makes other skins look great."

They both stole the show during the European Fashion Week when Levon's leather-bound garments and Lyudoed's feral movements left everyone with their mouths opened wide. In the words of fashion critic Jean Saistout "His creations looked so natural and alive, they looked like a part of the body instead of clothes!" When prompted to receive their award, however, the couple was nowhere to be found. Terror struck the national community when the bodies of dozens of missing models were found skinless, buried deep on plot of land owned by Mr. Khelagar.

In the spring of 2012 the police department and federal government of Armenia where at hunt for an infamous serial killer who was known to operate for years. According to chief police officer "His modus operandi consists of kidnapping young women, which he tortures psychologically for as long as they can stand, when they can't anymore, he mercilessly tears apart their skin, which based on evidence found on the crime scene, he used to sew various pieces of clothes and the like and if our sources are to be believed, he used the money to escape and get a new life" he adds "We fear were he may be or even worse, what he may be doing"

As of fall of the same year, the serial killer Levon Khelagar hasn't been found, but according to testimonies extracted from his accomplice Nastia Lyudoed, "He is preparing his winter collection." We'll keep you posted as new information arises.

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