Fay The Killer

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One time there was a girl named Fay and she had deep brown eyes and silky brown hair and every boy she met tried to flirt with her,she was a good 18 year old and declined all their gifts. One day when fay went to school she saw one boy whom she never noticed kills some people,she instantly fell in love but she knew if she came close he would stab her so when she came home she opened her yearbook and saw that the boy's name was Jeff. "Jeff,such a sexy name" she thought,"I must locate him and tell him my feelings!"she said enthusiastically. Then she looked at herself,"Well I must change just in case if he declines", she thought. Then she grabbed all her clothes and threw them on the floor,then its selecting time!She took a while but she finally chose:rainbow underwear,a short tie die shirt and some light blue jeans which she made way shorter and some white vans. Then she edited most of her wardrobe to fit any situation and put them in her backpack. Then she slid into her dad's closet and grabbed his pistol and put it in her purse. Then she crawled into the kitchen where she put knives into her purse,just for self defense. Then she ran to the door,opened it,closed it and ran. She ran for some time and ran by Jeff's house,it was on fire. Then she hid in the bushes to see Jeff's family be pulled out,his mom,his dad,and who she thought was his brother. She didn't want to see Jeff's corpse,she ran!Then she heard footsteps behind her,they weren't following her but running nearby. Then she saw Jeff,but his face was bleached white. She found his white body sexy. She tracked him for a few days and realized he is a psycho killer,she became the same. A few days later she confessed to him,he tried to stab her,to protect herself she removed all her clothes and pulled a knife on him. Then Jeff realized it was the hot girl from school naked in front of him,then he accepted then they made out. Few days later Jeff showed his new girlfriend to other creepypastas,all human creepypastas fell in love with her. Because she left her old life as a hot school girl declining any dates,so she decided to hold a contest for her hand because Jeff mostly killed people then paying attention to her. They had a hard time deciding what the challenge will be,so they had a few challenges and the winners was... Jeff because he realized his fault,then they lived together for the rest of their life.

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