Finding A Purse

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Story text copied from Japanese Sex Jokes in Traditional Times traslated and described by Howard S. Levy
The Warm-Soft Village Press
Washington, D. C.
April, 1973

He visted the temple in Asakusa and was about to go to the Yoshiwara (whorehouse quarters) when he found a purse alongside the dike. No one had seen him so he stealthily picked up the purse; when he looked inside, it was heavy with gold hundred-yen coins. Delighted, he returned home and buried the purse deeply in a corner of the garden. And on top of the earth he copiously shitted. Having done this, he felt greatly relieved.

And that's when he woke from his dreams. The money had been a dream, but the shit was real! There was so much shit on the bed he couldn't even move his legs.

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