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  • intro

There is a youtuber called firebirdjp...he collects gas masks,i almost always watch his videos but...this one was different

  • the episode

it starts off with his usual firebirdjp coming back at ya' with another video but he is wearing aviators which is unusual in his then cuts to a scene with him about to do the review on the mask,but he pulls out like two masks and a gp-5 and he throws the gp-5 behind him.josh then walks in and gives him the phone , it says did u thowe mah gee pee fyuhv? josh said who was phone and jeremy said he doesn't gets odd here jeremy screams f*** at the camera and then puts on a schms gas mask and sits down.josh runs away and falls and jeremy laughs maniacly as the guy in the z-56 comes up next to him and they walk away.the screen then goes staticky and A SKELOTON POPPED OUT!

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