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I am writing this, not as a warning, but a personal experience I should share with you.

I live in a fairly suburban area of St. Kilda, located in Australia. Somewhat tourist-based, many a passerby would talk to me. In these instances, my day was usually lifted and happier. But not this time.

I was traveling down along the beachside, when a man caught my eye. He was fairly large, with stubbly facial hair. He wore a large San Francisco t-shirt. Another peculiar aspect was he had an abnormally large scar, from the back of his skull to down, past his t-shirt. He took a seat on a wooden bench, groaning as he did so.

I walked past, smiling and waving at the man. I walked on, but to be grabbed by the man. His moist hands slipped along my arm uncomfortably, as he pulled me onto the seat.

"W...why are you being kind to me...?" he asked in a low, rumbling voice.

"I wasn't, I just like to greet people who look sad, or they need some cheering u-"

The man, his eyes flaring, pushed me to the ground, my head hitting the sidewalk. My vision blurry, he grabbed my collar, choking me slightly.

"I have no intention to solve your cries for attention."

He threw me aside, and he sat back down, and I passed out.

I awoke on St. Kilda beach, my mouth full of sand. Spitting it out, I rubbed my eyes, as the beach looked hazy, but it wasn't my eyes. The beach was like a sauna full of steam. I lifted myself off the ground. I had a pounding headache. In an attempt to leave the beach, I ran...and just kept running. The beach didn't end.

I ran for what felt like almost forever. Tears came out of my face. Screams came out of my mouth.

Then I spotted what I thought was a plane. I waved my arms, jumping and screaming out for help.

What I thought was a plane, turned out to be something quite more ferocious. A giant butterfly was his first impression. But as it came closer, he saw a tail, with....a giant piercing claw.

I began to run more, always looking behind me. It screeched and twirled, much faster than I could run.

I knew my running was over, as I kneeled on the beach.

What happened next still haunts my dreams to this day. The claw of the beast's tail pierced into my neck, and I was lifted off the ground, up-side-down. Blood drained from my wound, and I remember the sand being under me, until I dropped.

The last thing I remember was my spinning vision, in some sort of hospital ward. I looked out the window, and I see the man, laying on the grass. I yelled for the man, my body aching. He walked to the window, tears smearing? my view, and he whispered;

"Who's scared of a little butterfly?"

Credited to Poppadum34
Originally uploaded on November 26, 2012

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