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Intro: Well i have never had a feeling that im being followed until a few weeks ago.

Chapter 1: Luke: i cant believe that its your graduation. John: I know i thought it would never come. Luke: well i got to go and you've got a date. John: Yea see ya. Luke hurried out of the house and into his car as fast as possible. Me: So what has him in a hurry. John: I have no idea. Me: so you got a date huh? John: Yea an there she is. So there stood Ashly to tell you the truth i did like her so i hurried out as fast possible i wish i didnt.

Chapter 2: Shortly after the scene i went back home and to no suprise Luke was just sitting on the couch. Me: Luke why are you always in a hurry to get home? I got no response. Me: whats wrong Luke? I still got no response so i decided to follow him for the next few days since he was acting weird. Nothing happend that weird except for this guy in a black hoody and knife kept standing beside when he would drive by i couldnt see his face though Luke kept driving until the guy had blood on his knife i didnt really notice that i thought that he saw me and was pissed.

Chapter 3: He was pissed buit also scared. Luke: Dude what the hell! Me: What. Luke: Now you put your self in danger! Me: That guy on the side of the road is gonna kill me now really what kind of joke is this! Luke: Its not a joke he killed my mother and now i swore to my self that i would get vengance. Me: Oh well im gonna fight Luke: No dont he stabed me three times in the stomach. I realized that i didnt have a choice all i could do was run and run i did but Luke wasnt number one anymore he was behind every corner i turned. Me: Leave me alone!!!! Follower: hm Mr i cant do that!. Then he stabed me in the the stomach I knew i was doomed so i ran and got stabed in the back every single person acted like i wasnt there he left i thought that he was done with me but i was so sadly wrong so i got up to the hospital after he left everyone noticed me. Docter: What happend? of course i wasnt able to speak because of the pain. Nurse: Looks like multiple stab injurys. it took a couple of days to get me back to home but i dont want to go there again i found Lukes dead body with in it there was a message carved into his body. Message: Dont step out of line again or it will be worse and so i wait for him to kill me sitting in Johns living room he was kind enough to do that but i knew what worse would be Ashly.

Credited to Kjwhit6
Originally uploaded on July 7, 2012

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