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June 16th, 2000

I always make sure to keep something to defend myself nearby. When I sleep, I mean.

Most people who do this prefer scissors, knives, and hardcore survivalists even keep a gun handy.

I myself, however, have a different preference. It occurred to me how powerful an augmentation is- it has the human's intelligence to guide it, is incredibly strong, and produced for purpose.

What I have isn't quite an augmentation, so much as a latex glove with the blades of a gardening hoe held on with small screws in a wooden part I put in near the knuckles. Pretty nice design, eh?

Well, I always keep the glove on at night, with a pillowcase over it incase I ever roll onto it. I can feel confident that I'll win a fight with it.

Or at least, I like to tell myself that...

Not 3 nights ago, my friend asked me if he could use it in his homemade horror skit for his YouTube channel. Of course, I obliged, and stuck to a kitchen knife that night.

Well, he came to me, the next day, pale and shaking, telling me;

I woke up in the night. Something was clawing at my door. I thought it was the cat, so I opened the door to let it in, and...

It looked as though it was trying to be a human, but hadn't quite got it. It was bone thin, really dirty skinned, and pale... it's eyes were huge, glowing things, I'll never forget...

I panicked, and reached for that glove you gave me...

But the thing on the other side of my room had it on its hand. Before I could get my was gone.

June 5, 2011

A group of friends were found dead in the host's room, all cut open. All that was left was a photograph, taken on one of the youth's mobile phones...

Credited to AdminiumWarrior
Originally uploaded on June 24, 2012

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