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This is the story of my life-"Forkface the Killer."

A 10 year old boy named Draqqe, a computer lover, manga lover, a My Little Pony lover , a Creepypasta lover, sat at his lone desk in his 5th grade classroom. He would ignore the teacher and just draw and draw all day.

As a result, for his 'disrespectful behavior', his grades dropped from A+ to D-. His computer was taken away, of which he played games on, watched MLP on, read creepypastas on... Their house's landlord, Kevin C. Louisanna, had Draqqe, his sister Verna, and his parents kicked out of their 2 bedroom apartment.

Constantly, he would hear knocks on his window at night. He began to feel better, thinking that Jeff or another creepypasta was trying to contact him. He began to think to himself alot... 

What if I became a friend of a Creepypasta?

What if I lived in the Slender Mansion?

What if I was friends with Ben and Jeff?

What if I was one of Slenderman's proxies?

He would think this every night. At school, he would no longer draw ponies or manga. Just creepypastas. He even made up a name for himself. Forkface The Killer. There were pictures of 'Forkface' and Jeff stabbing someone, 'Forkface' and BEN playing games, or 'Forkface' and Laughing Jack eating candy.

Credited to Forkface The Killer

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