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A Father's Note

Ten years ago, same day as today, I found my son Chris murdered in his room. There was blood all over the walls. Big red bloody stains mostly, except for the door. Even now, looking at it, I still can see a very tenouos vestige of that blurry letters, scoffing me and my sadness, saying "Chris Got Freaky", signed with a bloody mark of two hands that, togetter, are forming a heart.

Chris wasn't the only victim. Every single day I'd turn the TV on, I'd see another picture of another boy, smileing on some happy picture, that was now dead on the same circumstaces than my dear Chris.

The killer was never caught. The police spent years looking for the bastard who did such horrible things, but got not a single clue. Today, however, I've found something: Chris secret diary.

As Chris always was a horror stories fan, I thinked he would be glad if his own scary tale was told somewhere. I must warn you, however, that it's totally terry-flying.


I just fucking hate Wallace. He's a total jerk, and is so mean to Frankn the new student. I don't even know why!

I thinked it was becauce he does a lot of coke, but my sister said something about his unability of "get ready fast at the right times". I don't even know what that's supose to mean!

I'll talk to Frank tomorrow. He's always alone at the launch time, I think he would enjoy some company after almost get drowned on the toilet :)


Frank is such a nice dude!

We play almost the same video-games, like Roblox and stuff.

I feel like if we are longtime friends!

The only strange thing is that he's on my class about two weeks and I realize just now he takes the same bus as me. Well, I probably just haven't noticed him yet.


Frank and I played Roblox for hours last night. He's a really great player!

Him nickname is pretty strange, how ever: "FreakyFranky". And, even stranger, every player who saw at the game just ran away or quit immeaditly. Frank must be a really badass player!

But, I mean, some guys were REALLY scared of him. One of them send me a message on the chat that read just "RUN" just before he just quit.

Maybe Frank is a troll when he plays alone. I don't really know.


Wallace's mom appeard on school today. I saw her at the principal's office and she were crying.

I tryd to do some lip-reading, but since I had only two classes about it, I couldn't get nothing but a single word: "Freaky".

That freaked me out. Frank wasn't at school. My mind started to do some connections, but I forced it to stoop. Frank's my friend, I shouldn't think such turryfeing stuff about him.


Ok, things got a little fucked up last night.

We were playing Roblox again, when some random player joined us in a game. Frank were repeatedly saying he wanted him to fuck off while I was like "Dude, chill out" but he keeped cursing the poor guy 'till he got tired and cursed back and then I try to calm down both of them even with Frank saying "Keep playing, Chris, I will freak this asshole outta my game".

I did'nt under-stood that very well, but I keeped trying to calm them dawn. I asked Frank if Roblox got any code that banned people. He laugh in a demonic way and said "Oh yeah, Baby!" and I heard him typeing.

On the chat, I read "/****gotfreaky" (I censored the player's name to preserve his identity) and the player got stuck, typeing something about his game bugging or something. I thinked it was just a glitch untill the player's character simply explode on thousand squared pieces, with some kind of pixelized blood, that even looking like a sprite of Mortal Kombat was kinda hyper-realistic too.

I asked Franky what he have done. He laugh demonic and said "He Got Freaky".

I said bye and quit the game, but didn't sleeped very well that night.


Frank is scarying me a lot. I went to the grossery store and he was there, screaming at some employee about how he was a nazi cocksucker and that he was going to get Freaky. When he saw me, he ordered me to get some knife at the kitchen's section, because he was about to "cook that dickhead alive and eat it".

I ran away back home, totally forgotting the milk my dad asked me to buy.

As I write this, I see a message of Franky on my skype. He wanna to play Roblox. I won't do it.



I had this terrible dream last night. Franky was on my room, asking why I don't wanted to play with him anymore. Almost crieng, I said it was because my internet wasn't working very well. It was a lie, of course, but he dosn't believed me.

"Friends don't lie to each other." He said, showing a big knife on his hand. "If you're not my friend, you're just a piece of shit. You're just like Wallace, that airhead. And, like him, it's to Chris Tellmeth GET FREAKY!"

He attacked me so fast, in an unhuman speed, that I couldn't react on time. The cold, cold blade pass through my shoulder, brokeing the bone and making me bleed like with my skin was a park fountain and my blood was an dancing water.

It was really painful, but it helped me, because the bloody red geyser splashed right into him eyes. That gave me time to push Franky outta me and grab my shoe on the floor.

I smashed the shoe against his head with all my strongness, but he did not died.

Angry as hell, Franky punched me in the face, what made go to the other side of the room. I blinked and Franky was right in front of me, now smileing as satanic as a psycho. He grabbed my head and throwed me on my computer table.

My forehead started to bleed all over my eyes, making me blind. I wasn't feeling Franky anywhere near, so I took advantage and tried to clean that red blood stain of my face, but abruptly stopped when my fingers touched something hard, like a glued protuberance, that fell down to my feet.

When I finally cleaned up my goddamn eyes, they've got fulled with tears and fear. On the blood-stained floor, perfectly aligned, it was the respective keys of my keyboard:


I woke up just after that, sweating and cryng, but so fucking glad it was just a nightmare.

Was when I looked to my floor and saw the keys of my keyboard on the floor.

I can swear they were kinda of stained. It gets me goossehumps just to say it, but.......

The stains are red. Bloody red.


He's out side. That creepy fuckhead is out-side. I can se him throuth my widow.

He's been there for five full nights, whispering creepy stuff on my ears.

One of this nights, I've got tired and throwed my father's hammer on the window. I did not heard any glass or skull breaking, but it was a sound. Something like a stick being broken, but metalic. When I looked outseid on the next morning, the hammer was distorced like if it was liquida, forming the word "freaky".

I've gotta say, Franky knonws how to win a game.

I'am for totally mothafuckin' sure, freaky.

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