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Remember Fred, that kid with the high pitched voice we don't like that much, yeah i don't blame you for disliking Fred, as i also don't like Fred either. But however there was one deleted video that always hunts me when i sometimes think about the character.

So i was surfing through YouTube (and also Newgrounds in an other tab), looking for something to watch, when i came a cross a video on Youtube called "Fred Starts a Cult" uploaded by the main Fred Channel 17 hours ago and have about half a million views. I was curious as i thought this would be a return of Fred, and Lucas Cruikshank, who played the character, some how got his channel back. So i clicked on it as i was aforementioned curious. But when looking back, it was stupid of me for clicking on a video that have the word "Cult" in the title.

The video begins with the usual "HEY IT'S FRED", and than Fred started to complain as usual about how Judy still never notices him after so many attempts, and how Kevin is Always an asshole to him. So he decided to make a Cult to finally get revenge on Kevin by killing him , and in that way, would get Judy to Notice him. I just assumed that Fred would fail anyway. Next Fred made an entire list of how to make a cult. 1. Make a stand for someone to join his cult. 2. If someone decides to join his cult, he gives them dark Ropes and shove drugs in their mouths make them listen to his rules and believes. 3. Repeat it again with his cult members till he have up to 10 or more members of his cult, And he did them and it all worked. At that point, i was starting to think that maybe Lucas was trying to put a spin to the series by making it more TV-14.

After what Fred got what he seems to have about 14 people, first orders them all that he is God, he is Jesus, and he is the most important person in this universe, They all listened and agreed with them. So the first them that he ordered all of them to do is to go to Kevin's house and kill him in his sleep. Fred lead them to Kevin's house, broke the windows, and they all get in easily without any cuts. Just than, a cult member accidentally made a sound that woke Kevin up saying "Who is there". When Kevin walked down stairs and saw them all, 2 of the members charged at Kevin grabbing his arms not letting him go. Kevin Screamed "WHO ARE YOU WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME", Fred lifted his cape ropes and said "we are here for your death. Kevin was shocked seeing Fred saying "FRED WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, AND WHO ARE THESE LOSERS". Hearing that, one Cult member walked up to Kevin and punched him so hard that him nose started to bleed, making Kevin scream. Than Fred Grabbed the biggest knife that he could find pointed it at Kevin's neck and said in an angry voice "PREPARE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE FUCKING DESERVED FOR YEARS OF BULLYING, KEVIN". Fred immediately swinged his knife cutting Kevin's neck, he swung it so hard that he actually decapitated Kevin's head, landing on the sink. Fred washed his hands and and he and his cult immediately got out through the window and ran before Kevin's Parents could wake up. I was gonna barf but that stopped quickly as that gruesome scene ended.

Their next destination was to Judy's house. When they got there, Fred reminded his Cult this time that they aren't gonna kill anyone this time and broke the windows and got inside again without getting any cuts. Walked upstairs to Judy's room without making any noise. They got in Judy's room and switched open the lights, waking Judy up. Judy saw them and screamed before Fred have to covered her mouth with his hand. Judy asked "Fred what are you doing here, and who are these people. Fred said "hello Judy, these are my friends, or actually, these are the members if my Cult, i started it for you, now would you like to date me or even join us, we even killed Kevin". Judy screamed "YOU MONSTER, YOUR ALL MONSTERS, YOU KILLED KEVIN FOR THIS, FRED I KNEW YOU WERE A FREAK". Hearing that Fred looked like he was gonna cry, than Fred snapped back "IF YOU KNOW WHAT, I HAVE WASTED TIME FOR THIS CULT FOR NOTHING, EVERYONE GET HER". The Cult Members did as they were told, raised their knifes, charged at Judy, and stabbed her to death. Fred was just looking at Judy during her demise, wiping away his tears as he was started to grin. This is the breaking point where i screamed. But luckily i screamed so low enough that my parents didn't notice what happened in their room.

The next scenes were a montage of The Cult killing every people Fred have hated but mostly loved with happy music. First they killed Fred's mom, than Bertha, and even Fred's supposed dad John Cena, though he is actually just a hallucination as they are just stabbing the wall, so i guess he doesn't count. Than the happy music started to fade as the scene was slowly turn black. There came a text that said 1 month later. Than the scene jump cuts to a room that looked like a dungeon, the cult was around the place, and there was a a shelf, it was a collection of the victims in order from who died first to who died now. Fred popped up to the camera and said "We did it, we have collected them all, i am proud of you all, now we can all rest for now until-". The sentence was cut short when a crash at the door that shaked the camera, and a man screamed "FBI OPEN UP". Everyone including Fred screamed and tried to run off as fast they can. Than the Camera turn into black again as the screams and whatever sounds was there faded. Last thing there was in the video was mug shots of Fred and his cult members, meaning that they are in prison, With Fred's mug shot being bigger, and everyone else's on the left, right, and down sides and that was the end of the video.

I was shocked watching this video as you hearing this story, i couldn't believe that Fred would do this. I immediately contacted Creator of the Channel, Lucas Cruikshank and confronted him saying "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS". Hearing that, Lucas obviously knew about it and said that he never uploaded anything to the channel ever since he abandoned it. He also said that people kept on emailing him about the video, and he always tell them that he didn't do it. He said that he also watched the video because of the said emails, and is sorry that me and everyone else saw it, and he believes it to be some hackers to hacked the channel. Its been years ever since the incident. The Fred channel is still up but with the cult video removed. To this day, while my life is not ruined by this video, I still wondered who is the people who bothered to hack the channel just to release this disturbing video. I even wondered, if the suspected hackers is actually an Actual Cult.

Written by ThorGodOfLightinh
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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