Friday Night Funkin' Week -1

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Ok this is my first post so it may actually be terrible, so yeah

Ok so one day I saw this cool gaem called Friday Night Fackeing that was PC only and I got offended becuse I hab phon!!1!1!1 so I went to worst buy to buy a gaeming laptop and play ot

So I look it up on Microsoft edg* (🤮) and I get it off a site called SCAERYGAEMS6.comorggovnet but something really scarry happened! IT COSTED 100 DOLLARS!!!! So I stole my mom credit card and buy it

So baseically the game looked normal at first, and I clicked story mode, and tried to play tutorial. BUT MY LAPTOP CRASH!!!!1!!1!!1! So I rebooted it. But this time when I load up the game, every other week is gone besides one called week -1. So I play ot, and a strange figure is the opponent against the blue hair guy and his gf. The song is really loud, and it woke up my neighbors. I don't think the fact I'm playing this at 3 am is helping anything, but when I tried to lower the volume, it played a RELLY LOUD SCKREAM!1!1!1!1! So I had to play it at really loud volume!!1!1!

But I got so scare that I had to go PEE! So I go, and when I get back, the figure looked SCAERY! He has hyper realistic eye, hyper realistic hands, hyper realistic face, and hyper realistic everything!!1!1!1 it got so realistic my laptop ran slow! But when I tried to turn it off, the guy started singing. It sounded really good, until HE SANG THE AMOGUS THEME SONG!!!1!1

at that point, I had enogh, so I tried to brake my laptop with a hamer, but then it was the blue guy turn, but he didn't sing, which was strange. Then, the figure revealed himself, and it was EVIL PATRIXXX! Then this note that had a really hard mechanic where I had to press every single key on my keyboard was going towards my strumline, but really slowly. I was freaking out, so I tried to practice doing it, and before the note came up, THE GUY KILL EVIL PATRIXXX WITH HIS MIC! THEN HE KILL THE GIRL!!1! And then the week ended.

I thought it was really scare, and even more creepy was that the week wasn't there anymore. I couldn't find it in the files either, it was just gone. So I finally play tutorial, but then something happened.

Bore fren looked like he just took meth and crack, and GF was still dead. The song lasted 40 seconds, and it sounded really creepy like slowed down and pitched down. Then the week ended.

I thought it was scary enogh, but then when I tried to load in week 1, my LAPTOP EXPLODED! THEN MY ENTIRE NEIGHBERHOOD GOT BLOWN UP!


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