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I have a special Friend, in fact that is what he has me call him "Friend" He is a funny Friend who only comes to me at night when mommy and daddy are asleep: he can always tell if they are sleeping or not and knows how to get into my room even when all the doors and windows are locked.

I used to be scared when Friend came because he would wake me up but Friend always comforted me and told me to keep quiet. Friend didn't have to say anything after that.. looking into Friend's eyes I felt calm and began to realize he was good. Friend takes me on adventures when mommy and daddy are asleep, he tells me stories about other Friends just like him who visit other boys and girls across the world. I imagine they are very lucky to have someone like Friend.

Sometimes Friend will take me to a magical room full of bright lights and he will introduce me to other Friends. They gather around and play games with me and other children, sometimes the other Friends will take our arms and give us injections like the nurses or doctors do but they always say sorry if we cry.

Friend tells me they are making sure I grow up to be big and strong, he says that the other children are also being helped. I ask Friend if we are sick and Friend says no, though he does tell me that he and the other Friends want what's best for me and the others, that I should not ask too many questions.

Again, Friend does not need to say anything more. I look into Friend's eyes and I don't want to ask any questions. I just want to play more games.

Yet Friend is very strict, when mommy and daddy begin to wake up he takes me home and tucks me in. He tells me to go to sleep, sometimes I get excited and don't want to sleep.. then Friend looks at me and I soon feel sleepy. During the day I find myself dreaming about Friend and everything seems so sad, I don't talk much to mommy or daddy even the other children at school. The teachers say that they are worried about me but Friend says they are just being silly. Every night I wait for Friend to arrive and I tell him how much I miss him, how I wish I could stay with him and the other Friends forever yet Friend says I will need to wait a little longer.. until I had grown big and strong. I look into Friend's eyes and nod, I am getting bigger every day maybe someday soon Friend will let me stay with him forever. I would like that very much. Yes, I wish I could grow up faster. So I can be with Friend.. ..forever.


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