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I used to be a big fan of Seinfeld, until a few days ago.

I was walking home from school when a strange man walked up. He threw a disk at me. When I read the disk, the words written on it said "LOL DONT WATCH THIS" when I got home, I popped it into my computer. There was a file that said "WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME". I clicked on it. The only thing that came up was a vide titled GEORG.AFI. I started to watch it. At first, it seemed like a normal episode of Seinfeld, but there was no intro. All of the sudden, it slowly started to zoom up at George's face. The strange thing was that the episode continued as if it wasn't zoomed in on his face. After about 10 minutes of this, George started to scream. Blood slowly dripped from his eyes. The canned laughter kept on playing in a constant loop while all of this was happening. George must've been holding the scream for 5 minutes straight. Then it zoomed out. George was in a room that seemed very familiar. It was my room! I looked back and there he was. I then killed him. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, the screaming, bleeding George was replacing my reflection. Then I realized it. I AM George.


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