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Author's note: This is a trollpasta meant to parody modern creepypastas

Does anyone remember Garfield? I was an intern at Nickelodeon and saw a lost tape called Scary Garfield so I stole it to watch it I mean borrowed it actually it was a gift.

The episode

The episode started with the Sesame Street theme song but it was scary and at the end Big Bird eats Elmo than Cookie Monster eats Big Bird there was hyperrealistic blue blood everywhere I touched it to see it it was an image but it was real blue blood! The begining started with Garfield watching telovizon than the grey cat bragging about her being cuter than Garfield than Garfield had got all hyperrealistic with bloodshot eyes and grabbed an are chopping off grey cat to death there was blood everywhere! Than Garfield ate her intestines than John came to the kitchen saying "Hey GarfieldAaaaaaahhhhh!" And saw Garfield drinking grey cat's blood and eating her intestines and organs. Than Garfield went hyperrealistic agehn grabbing a knife and stabbing John to deaf eating his organs and intestines while drinking his blood as there was blood everywhere to make it scarier, John's ded body was hyperrealistic! Then Garfield went and stabbed John's car with the knife 500 times and actually started bleeding! Than some kids went to say hi to Garfield and he blue them up! BLUE THEM UP! There was blood everywhere. Then Odie comes to Garfield and Garfield murders him by drowning him there was blood in da pol. Then Garfield murdered the whole town! Than a cut off black comes after a 30 hour static with someone saying "Your Next Maxwell!" And I thought "How you know my name?" Than after that Garfield kept meowing behind my door and the next week when I was cutting veggies for dinna, my Garfield plush was hyperrealistic and was strangely by the table holding a knife and tons of blood dripping on him when I locked him inside a box that I fed to a tiger than fed the tiger to a whale than fed the whale to a shark than fed the shark to a giraffe than fed the giraffe to a tiger and there was blood everywhere so much blood I can't even tell you than after that I tried to scare it by puking on it so much I could've fed an army but it didn't work so I slut it open with a knife and there was blood everywhere and a Korean message saying "Your next Maxwell!" Then next week the Garfield plush came to the Nickelodeon Studios and killed me by stabbing me in the heart 18 times! I still don't know what the your next thing in the plush and end of the episode meant!


Hello Maxwell...

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