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So this was this one time that I wanted to bought Garry's Mod but I am still skeptical from this terrifying hyper-realistic experience. So I was playing Steam(duh steam is a game you lvl up now and shit) but I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I saw a bloody stain on the Store button and then a message popped up saying that Garry's Hell was 75% off. And it had a hyper realistic Heavy playing the computer but he was putting his hands in his ears while his ears where bleeding and blood came out of the cieling and his eyes were empty and ther was some blood coming out of those. Oh did I mention everything was hyper realistic???? So I just shrugged that off as a joke from Garry and Gabe. And then I proceeded to bought the game. Then it said that I need 1 soul to buy it.

I clicked it and then it said "Thanks for the purchase, Mortal!"

Then the game instantly downloaded and I was like "Hell ye"

And then I started it up and it said G-Hell with red fond and red blood

There was Gordon stantind on a T pose with a blood suit made of bloody skulls and bloddy eyes and then his eyes were blood and then my computer screen filled with blood from the top and then my cieling started to rain with blood and then I was like "Must be just my inagination" and then I saw Gordon saying "Damn you're dumb I don't need you're soul, Shieeeet son" then I was like GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP and then I had nightmares and then I never slept again cause my TV said I was a pussy :(

Written by Dr4c4t‎
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