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Trollpasta name.

Opening Sentence that will probs be in caps, like the rest of it. then the author will go on to have sex with inanimate objects and then makes four dick jokes per second. then probably make even more dick jokes. then Jeff the Killer will show up and eat an awful amount of pastrami. then the protagonist will go outside and turn into a duck, If that doesn't happen, there will most likely be another dick joke. Then PATRIXXX will show up, give the guy some moral support then the guy will go and do the thing that the trollpasta was about, but before that, He makes seven more Dick jokes, Summons satan and sings a song about life. Then, After doing the thing intended, his terrible troll language will worsen and when you load the page google chrome will say "This page is In: Stupid, Would you like to translate it?" But even after pressing the button, it will still be horribly wrote. Then some Generic Pasta monster will come up and will act out cliches like going on killing sprees. Then the Protagonist will get his reward, which will most likely be either spaghetti or a horrible squeal.

Then the another will end on some outdated saying like "Thats The End of that" or, More Stupidly, "HTE END."

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