Genital Orcs

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"Once there were Genital Orcs"

"They lived inside your genitals"

"Then one day a scientist, who had Genital Orcs, made them bigger, because his penis was small and instead of his penis growing the Genital orcs grew."

"As they grew they were so cold that there were no more genitals"

"So they started dancing the hokey pokey."

"Everyone was now doing fine as they were."

"Then the nurse came to check up on the Scientist."

"Shocked by what the scientist and the Genital Orcs were doing, she resinged her job to the robot, and itself resigned too and so the scientist and the Genital Orcs were fucked because there were no nurse."

"So they continued doing the hokey pokey."

"Then, blaring his ass lasers to open the roof, Johnson came down and started dancing the hokey pokey too, on his ass."

"Then Dick Salts and his wife Vagina salts and their new born son, Dagick Salts, came bursting the door open and started dancing the Hokey Pokey."

"Tender Nipples came and then the party really got started. They were all now dancing and feeling his massive nipples, and they were all saying "Mmm Tender Nipples" as they dance the Hokey Pokey"

"Then everyone hokey pokey-ed till their hearts couldn't take no more"

"So they died, but was brought back by god to continue the hokey pokey"

"So they did so."

"Then the Genital Orcs went back into regular size, and then out of no where, Koggeh came up and said "THAT BITCH GAVE ME THE GENITAL ORCS!"

"But they just ignored him and still danced the hokey pokey"

Created by the Creepypasta chat

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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