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This story heavily rips off Ice Age: Bootleg Tape.

You know the 2000 animated movie Geo Movie, right? The film is about the three boys, Geo Guy, Rico and Eis were forced to befriend a human girl named Leah Thompson. There was a bootleg copy of Geo Movie that I going to tell you it all started with me taking a walk through the neighborhood.

As I was walking back home, I found a VHS tape lying on the road. I looked at the front and it was a bootleg copy of Geo Movie, strangely it was labeled: "Geo Movie, bootleg". Then, I looked at the note saying:

"DECLINED PLEASE DESTROY -CW/CS" I was looking for a legitimate copy, though this held me over until I could find one.

Boy, I was wrong.

I took the tape home and popped it on my old VCR player. The screen went static for good 20 seconds. After that, The screen went black for 5 seconds. It looked perfectly normal; The 20th Century Fox logo was there, the intro of the film was different.

I was like when i had the tape "Cool! I'm gonna watch Geo Movie!"

but it wasn't cool. It was the Geo Movie tape BEFORE the released Geo Movie tape.

You know, where the Geoville Golden Gate Bridge appears during the opening sequence? Well, the shot just... stays there. It just froze on Geoville Golden Gate Bridge. It didn't move at all. You couldn't even hear any sound. It was just total silence. After about six minutes, the tape cut to the scene of Geo Guy, Rico and Eis meeting Leah again and taking a tour around the house. Wow, this was pretty late in the film. Again, it was dead silence.

It cut to static for about five minutes, but again it was silent. The weird thing is that I could make out some sort of video in the static.

It looked like Geo Guy standing over Rico, and Geo Guy somehow tore open Rico's stomach and proceeded to eat his organs. Aw sick! I nearly vomited, but after the video clip ended, the film cut to the scene where Geo Guy, Rico, Eis and Leah go inside the lab to see Eddie Lioose, but again it was silent.

When it got to the scene of where Geo Guy, Rico, Eis and Leah watching Lioose's volcano project, it once again cut to static. This time there was no hidden video thankfully, and it was just regular static.

It cut to the shot of Lioose saying bye to Geo Guy, Rico, Eis and Leah. However the scene went on longer than I expected. Lioose looks at his volcano project and exploded, hyper realistic blood all over him, It was again silent.

It cut to a scene where Geo Guy, Rico, Eis and Leah are in Hell, when Mr. Hell brainwashes Mr. God to kill them, he actually does it, Geo Guy, Rico, Eis and Leah are melted into hyper realistic blood and organs, then Mr. Hell took over Geoville, without any sound. The credits roll, for some reason being silent and handwritten and only listing the director of the regular film as the writer for it. Then i ejected and destroyed the tape with a hammer, to make sure no one else has to see the film. Then I remembered, that was the exact same tape I threw out yesterday.

1 day later, I got the regular tape of Geo Movie. As i was sitting there for 25 seconds, I heard a whisper from behind me:

"Wanna watch the movie again?"

Then i turned around and it was a Geo Guy plushie, with blood coming down from his eyes, smiling. I grabbed it and threw it out the window and I watched it evaporated and disappeared for good, to make sure no one else has to see the film.

I will never experience something like that ever, ever, EVER again. if you find the bootleg tape, don't watch it. If you do see it, burn it. It's for your own good.

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