Gex 2: Enter The Gecko glitch

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This is a failed pasta salvaged from the Creepypasta Wiki.

"Why hello there friend!" I am Orion5185.exe and this is my experience of Gex 2 Enter The Gecko Yes I know what you are thinking I am a Teenager who wanted to play games and I shouldn't have had my friend GHRockotron3000 do something for me but the consequences was severely dire. I remember when I booted up the game there was no single problem with the game at first and that's when shit had hit the fan after I got some Remotes and mind you I had yet to beat the first boss whom were the Tiki Bros.

As soon as I had gotten out of a level the music was messed the heck up and when I went to retrieve the last remote from the first Toon level the levels name was Out of Toon the mission was to whack five purple mushrooms. When gex was about to enter the level the game (not lying) froze I was mad then I had gotten a eerie sight. Gex was looking straight into my and Rockotrons eyes to top it all off, the Toon .T.V. level warp television set was also doing the something the music ended in a high pitched sound that kept going on and on Until I turned off the Game but the Image we had saw haunted us for a while.

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