Goanimate Creepypasta: Bobbyispoopy's Dangaronpa Execution

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I love goanimate videos. But one day saw a video called: Bobbyispoopy's Dangaronpa Execution. I click on it. It started. Monokuma started the Execution.

Bobbyispoopy said: "I don't want to die! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

And the Execution started. Bobby was chained by the neck and later chained to a wooden pole. Bob the Builder, RJ from Over the Hedge, and Wall-E tried to stop it. But they were to late. Bobbyispoopy was stabbed in the right leg by a lance. He them exploded! Blood was everywhere. Bobby's bones were the only thing left of him. "Oh by god. I gotta puke!" I ran to the bathroom and puked in toilet. Two weeks later. l got a heart attack. I have 1 day to live. So please! Don't watch Bobbyispoopy's Dangaronpa Execution!

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