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Years before Google Glasses,, a television program aired on Nickelodeon, titled "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide". It was about the life of a middle-school student named Ned who wrote a guidebook on how to survive middle school, while maintaining a normal, lower-social-class school-life with his friends, Simon Nelson Cook--"Cookie"--and Mose. In all truthfulness, it was one of the last good shows than ran on Nickelodeon and still aires today on TeenNick.

Ned's friend Cookie, played by Daniel Curtis Lee who currently has a role as a minor character on Zeke & Luther, was a technological geek who, in fact, had a technological pair of glasses that allow him access to the internet, video recording, etc.

Years after the show was cancelled, there were Google Glasses, which begins the following theory...

Google saw an episode of Ned's Declassified, which gave them the idea to make technological glasses, so they had Lee fired from Nickelodeon and sent to Disney, where he would play as Kojo on Zeke & Luther. Google then spent the next several years working to create the Google Glasses.

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