Government Shutdown

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Day 2305 of the United States shutdown. I dont know how much longer we can make it. John Boener- hehe Boener- and his group of radical republicans have had the government shutdown in protest for 7 years. All because they don't want us to have free healthcare. God help us all. Supplies are scarce and people are becoming fed up with our leaders in general.

Day 2349 of the United States shutdown. The people have supplied themselves with weapons and are attacking the Senate house. Anarchy ensues. They killed every Senator but couldnt find John Boener. I must go tweet this to the world.

"Holy shat da fukkin ppl in us r pissed at bonerz


Day 2362: The government's been overthrown now we must turn to those who the American people trust to run the government. We shall most likely elect Morgan Freeman as the new president.

Day 2369: Morgan Freeman has become president. This is a great day for everyone.

HOLY SHIT. Morgan Freeman's been shot by tyrant Miley Cyrus' gang of teeny bopper terrorists. Oh no! We must start another rebellion such monstrous acts cannot be allowed to happen! I will fight this rebellion on twitter!

"Omfgawd Milly Syrup iz new prez let's like stahp dis."

Day 2389: We have gathered togethor the greatest rebels the world has ever known to take down Miley Cyrus! Let's do this!


They arrested Miley Cyrus but wait she has a zipper? No... this cant be! Miley Cyrus is actually John Boener!

"I wouldve gotten away with it too if it werent for you meddling tweeters!"

Brought to you by Twitterz

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