Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Limited Edition

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It all started when I lost my copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I was on eBay and saw something out of the ordinary. The price was only $2.99. I was surprised because it is called GTA SA Limited Edition. Me, being curious, bought it. A few days later it arrived in the mail. When I took it out of the box, the cover only said "SA LE". I ignored it and put the disk in my PS2. However, something was not right. Instead of the Rockstar logos, it went straight to new game.

It started off with CJ in Liberty City, walking alone in an alleyway. He then gets a call from Sweet saying that their mother died. This was strange, because I never seen that cutscene anywhere. Anyway, when CJ gets to Los Santos, he doesn't take a taxi. He steals a car and drives until Officer Tenpenny arrests him. Tenpenny doesn't drop CJ off in the alleyway, he drops him off all the way at Mount Chilliad. Then, blasting out of my TV, I hear a very realistic scream. As I am now in control, I investigate and find something disgusting. I see Salvatore Leone gutted with entrails all over. He is dangling from his colon. The screen blacks out and I am now in control of some random pedestrian.

I go outside and the graphics are crystal clear. Me, totally shocked, tried to turn off my PS2, but it wouldn't. Suddenly, I hear a very panicked scream "PLAY THE GAME". As I have no choice, I reach for my controller and start playing. The game had started a mission entitled "Kill Him". I do as the mission says and it tells me to kill this well dressed African American.

As I kill him, The channel 6 news comes on my TV and I was completely shocked. President Obama and all of his associates have been brutally murdered in a shooting in Los Angeles. A photo of the man matched the pedestrian that I was playing as! Me, cringing on the floor, crying for assassinating the president, my game says "Mission Passed, we have notified police". Seconds later, The swat team bust down my door and arrest me. The game? Still in my PS2.

Credited to SBPTSAngryGermanKid

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