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Ahh gravity falls, it's such a good show. I love everything about it. The characters and all that stuff is all just good. Until I encountered a very disturbing episode of the show. So it all started with me watching some Disney xd that afternoon and was watching some crash and Bernstein. Until commercial break, which was when a bumper showed up saying a new episode of gravity falls is about to begin. I was really excited about that. Because I really love that show but crash and Bernstein wasn't over, it was just a commercial break. But I didn't care though, I was bored and decided to watch. The episode then starts out with the theme intro, but the music was distorted but everything else seemed okay. Until it got to the logo, but something was wrong with it. It was bleeding hyper realistic blood and also the Disney channel logo wasn't there either. The next part after the intro was over, there was Dipper sitting on his bed reading his journal . But seemed more like he was just staring at it more than reading it. This lasted for about a couple seconds . The screen then cut to black for a few minutes. Then came back on to reveal Dipper and Mabel watching TV but it looked like they were a watching a static screen. They had black eyes with red pupils and they're faces had scar's on them too. Then it cuts to Soos outside, he picks up a shovel and swings it around everywhere but until he accidentally cut his head open with it. He screamed so loudly that it almost filled the room. I tried turning the volume down but it didn't help much. He managed to pull the shovel out of his skull only to have him bleeding rapidly. He died quickly from loss of blood and the screen cut to static. This time for about one minute, then came back to reveal Dipper, Mabel, and Stan staring at me for me with their grim expressions and the screen became glitchy. Then there was a message saying " Attention viewers this episode of gravity falls has been removed due to gore and for being too scary. Please refrain to watch other programs, thank you " . Since then, I never looked at gravity falls the same way ever again. But hey, everything was back to normal then right.

Credited to Sandwicheater199
Originally uploaded on September 19, 2016

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