Green Mist

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I was an intern at Nickelodeon because I loved SpongeBob. Everyone loves SpongeBob if you come to think of it.

Once, me and other interns, editors and animators gathered up in a room to see a rough cut of an episode that was supposed to be "Patrick's Birthday" and started watching. 

Instead of "Patrick's Birthday" the title card says "Green Mist" and everyone looks confused. Suddenly, an image flashed over the screen.

We didn't bother looking at it though. Suddenly, it showed Squidward at a Kelp-E-G concert and was cheering. 

As he is cheering, Squidward suddenly farts and green smoke comes from out of his butt. Everyone sitting around him screams and runs away, and then the screen cuts to black for 1 minute.

When it starts up again, it shows Squidward on the side of the bed. He starts crying, before he gets a gun and blows his head off. A female intern screamed and ran out of the room.

The episode then ended. There was an investigation due to the immature farting in the episode. The CTO was called and they figured out that Squidward didn't fart, he just sat on a whoopee cusion.

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