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It had been two weeks since the accident and Tails was slowly beginning to regain the use of his legs, though his two tails had now been reduced to stumps - even though he could walk now he did so with a noticeable limp.

The loss of his tails had taken a deep toll on the young fox and despite praise from all his friends he rapidly felt his sanity begin to fade away as he became more and more angry with the world around him.

As more people offered him aid Tails grew increasingly frustrated and lashed out, causing his friends to worry - though Sonic decided it was best if everyone left Tails to deal with the event alone, at least until the fox asked for help.

Tails appreciated this yet he also felt a deep loathing for Sonic grow inside him as the speedy hedgehog began to remind Tails of things he would never experience again - the two had always been close friends and this new feeling of hatred left Tails feeling guilty and nervous inside, yet try as he might he could not shake it.

As the days went by the loathing continued to fester, unable to confess to his friends how he felt Tails began to descend into a dark and alien place - a world of shadows and fear... where friendship was warped into deception and cruelty...

The more Tails looked at the past the more he saw Sonic to blame, he blamed Sonic for the freak storm which had driven him off course - even though he knew it was impossible for Sonic to be responsible.. he blamed Sonic for the resulting crash which had broken his legs and torn his tails to shreds, surely the "fastest thing alive" could of acted to save his friend sooner... rather than arrive in time to find the fox laying at the bottom of a ravine, clinging to life..

Tails knew deep down it was Sonic who rushed him to the hospital, risking his own life in the process, yet the hatred remained.

"It's all *his* fault".

Suddenly Tails thoughts were disturbed as a small figure entered the dark bunker he had taken to hiding in over the last couple of weeks - the long ears showing her to be Cream, the young rabbit cautiously approaching the fox as she spoke out:

"... Tails? Are you okay? I know you don't want visitors but... I miss you...".

Tails growled slightly, which surprised the fox as he'd never growled before - Cream tilted her head but continued to approach.

"Go away Cream," Tails warned, playing with a screwdriver he had been idly fidgeting with for the last couple of hours.

"We're all really worried..." Cream began, stepping forward again - only to stop as Tails stood up and brandished the screwdriver like a weapon, aimed towards her.

"You should be! You stupid little brat! You think you're special, don't you!? I bet! What with your pretty little ears and fancy Chao!" Tails snarled, his inner-rage surfacing like hot lava as he felt himself lose control of his actions and words.

"Tails!" Cream gasped, the little rabbit not knowing what to do until it was too late - Tails suddenly dived at Cream and grabbed one of her ears, stabbing it repeatedly with the screwdriver as she let out a cry of terror: Cheese flying out of nowhere as the Chao flew around Tails face, causing him to release Cream as the rabbit ran out of the bunker, splatters of blood following her.

Tails swatted Cheese with surprising force, knocking the Chao to the ground - baring his fangs as he glared down at the Chao Tails lifted his foot above the little creature and stomped down hard, feeling the crunch of bones underfoot as the Chao burst like a fleshy fruit: blood soon oozing out from under his shoe as he lifted it, shaking off the remains of the Chao as he wrinkled his muzzle in disgust.

Then a distinctive blue blur burst into the bunker and knocked Tails off his feet, Sonic soon pinning him to the ground as the hedgehog looked at his former friend with a mix of shock, fear and disgust:

"Tails! What did you do to Cream!? Do you have any idea -!?" Sonic began only to grow silent as he looked over at the bloody mess that was once Cheese.

"... Tails? What did you.?" Sonic exclaimed only to fall back as Tails used the distraction to reverse Sonic's hold - tears began to roll down Tails face as he pinned Sonic down and punched him repeatedly in the face.

Sonic fought back as best he could but Tails was all but rabit now, punching and pounding at the hedgehog's face with unbelievable force - not stopping until Sonic's face was little more than a bloody pulp.

"It's all your fault! You should of caught me! You're meant to be my friend! Why didn't you catch me!? WHY!?" Tails yelled, continuing the beating as Sonic began to jerk uncontrollably.

Tails felt another deep growl emit from within as he got to his feet, standing over his fallen friend - looking to the mangled corpse of Cheese he suddenly grinned, a horrible and twisted grin:

"Think fast!"

With that Tails stomped down on Sonic's already beaten face, stomping repeatedly as the hedgehog's struggles grew fainter and fainter - Tails stomping repeatedly over the hedgehog's entire body as bones snapped and organs burst.

"You're too slow, Sonic!"

Tails stomped harder and harder, his legs aching yet pure animalistic madness somehow driving him on as he trampled Sonic into the cold bunker floor.

"What's the matter!? You not feeling so good!? Huh!? How do you think I feel!? You jerk!"

Tails started to jump on the spot now, Sonic having long since expired - his corpse becoming a bloody mess as Tails continued to jump over it, all but flattening the hedgehog.

"Fine! Stay dead! See if I care! DIE! DIE! DIE!" Tails yelled, spitting on Sonic's barely recognizable corpse as he finally relented, panting heavily as he limped away - leaving bloody footprints in his wake.

As Tails left the bunker he saw Amy racing towards him, hammer at the ready - Cream cowering in the background:

"Where's Sonic!? What did you do to Sonic!?" Amy yelled out in a panic and before Tails could react he felt his ribs crack as the heavy hammer collided with his chest and sent him flying back onto the ground. Tails tried to regain his footing when he saw Amy stand over him, the fox's heart racing as the underside of the hedgehog's shoe slammed down on his face, causing a sharp pain and then darkness..

Tails woke up to find himself laying down on the bunker floor as his vision cleared, looking over at the mangled remains of Sonic nearby - Amy soon appearing next to the fox and glaring at him with pure fury in her eyes, hammer at the ready.

"How could you!? After all he did for you!" Amy yelled out and Tails felt his remaining ribs shatter as she slammed the hammer into his chest once more, sending him crashing against a nearby work-bench.

"Amy please... stop!" Cream begged as she ran over, her ear still bleeding, yet Amy responded by smashing her hammer into Cream's skull - knocking the rabbit out cold.. it was unlikely she had killed the rabbit, though with such a heavy blow to the head it was not out of the question.

Amy seemed to register this almost instantly as her eyes grew wide and she dropped her hammer, kneeling down and cradling Cream in her arms as she tried to wake her:

"Oh my Gosh! Cream! Cream! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! Oh Cream! Please be alright!".

Tails gasped as he fought back the pain and shock, getting to his feet as he grabbed a wrench from the work-bench and recklessly charged at Amy - despite the clumsiness of his assault Amy was caught off-guard as the wrench smacked her on the head.

Crying out in pain Amy reached for her hammer again only to feel the wrench slam against her head again and again as Tails pounced her, beating her until her skull cracked open.

Tails continued to gasp as he grabbed Cream by the ears and dragged her along the floor, heading outside as he coughed:

"... come on... you little... brat...".

A week later and news of the horrific murders had become widespread, Tails was presumed a victim yet his body was never found, neither was Cream's... despite great efforts authorities were unable to track the case and all that was left was for friends and family to grieve their loss.

Knuckles however was never one to grief, indeed the news had taken longer to reach him than most but when it did he was filled with anger - he had to find out who did this and more importantly where Tails and Cream could be... little did Knuckles know he was about to find Tails and Cream that very moment.

For just as Knuckles was about to set out to look for them he saw a familiar two-tailed figure approach, only as the figure neared the echidna's eyes grow wide... for it wasn't twin tails the figure dragged behind their broken form but rather two torn rabbit ears.. the figures shoes covered in dried blood and his yellow fur tattered and bruised.. he hobbled as if fighting extreme pain and obviously had trouble breathing... most worrying of all was what the figure said:

"H-hello Knuckles... Good news... I can fly again... isn't that great? We can go back to how it always was!"

The figure then broke into hysterical laughter before falling to their knees and covering their face, the laughter turning into anguished crying...

Credited to Boombbq

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