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You guys remember Guitar Hero? That one rock and roll game that you probably played on the PS2 when you were a kid? Yeah, that one. I used to play it a lot, myself, when I was younger. I even made it a goal to beat it on Medium when I was in middle school. Bark on the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne was brutal back then. I decided to play it again recently because a friend of mine, and I, wanted to play and beat every song on Expert difficulty.

I popped the game in for a quick warmup song and started playing the song, "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth. Something a bit odd happened during the loading screen. A weird buzzing sound was coming out of my speakers. I don't know if it was just my speakers, the PS2 having trouble reading the discs, or what. Despite this, the song played out normally. Nothing out of the ordinary, except my game will occasionally not register a note when I play it.

The next song I decided to play was, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. Like last time, there was a buzzing sound during the loading screen. A little bit louder than last time too. I didn't know whether or not I should turn the volume down a bit. Before I can decide, the song starts. Everything was going fine until the song looped the final chorus a few more times. I didn't notice it until I was getting a little bit tired of the song. That's when I noticed, and right when I did, I then saw I was just messing around with the menus. I even accidentally begun a different song.

The buzzing returned again during the loading screen. And, like last time, louder than before. The screen flashed an image for a frame or two before the song, "Ace of Spades" by Motörhead. I couldn't make out what it was. From what I could see, it looked realistic... about as realistic as the PS2 can muster. The song didn't even have its beginning animation, it just started on the first note. I barely managed to catch up to the flow of the song after a few seconds. I wasn't ready for a massive difficulty jump. The crowd wasn't even there. No Cheering, no one in the mosh pit, nothing but the band. This was odd to me, because the only time that mosh pit is empty, is during the tutorials. And even then, no one was even in the map during those. I finished the song with the crowd meter halfway through the green. Right as the board explodes with the usual "You Rock!" text popping up, the crowd appears out of nowhere, booing, as if I was doing shit on the song. I have no idea what is going on.

I tried to turn off my PS2, but the last song of the game started to play. "Bark At the Moon" by Ozzy Osbourne started up. I pressed and held the power button down to turn the damn thing off, but nothing was happening. The first note appears, and, out of instinct, I began to play the song. The song was a lot harder than it should be. The notes were coming to me faster than normal, multiple notes at once to match the actual notes of the song, and I could barely keep up. As the song kept playing, I started to hear something. The buzzing from before was slowly getting louder as the song progressed. I couldn't pause the game, it just kept going.

When the song finally finished, I heard a knock at my bedroom door. Nothing was happening on the game, so I opened the door, thinking it was my mom wanting to talk to me about something. When I opened the door, I saw the Grim Ripper character staring at me. I jumped back and fell to the floor. The Grim Ripper just stared at me before running towards me. I close my eyes and looked away, until... nothing happened. I looked up and saw my door open, my PS2 turned off, and I'm all alone in the room. I took the game out of the console to see if anything was weird about it. Aside from it being a bit scratched, before I put it in today, nothing was different.

A month later, I decided to play Final Fantasy XII on my PS2. I remembered how the buzzing sound came from my speakers during Guitar Hero's loading screens. I reluctantly turned on the PS2, and began to play. As the opening cutscene played, I realized something...

I forgot to take my Schizophrenia pills again.

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