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Holly began to chew two pieces of gum, It's flavor decreasing with each bite.It started off very minty strong, over time it began to taste weaker until it was just a flavorless wad.

At first Holly spit out the gum into a newspaper, but then changed her mind and grabbed the gum again.

These were her last two pieces of gum, and she had to make it last. After several seconds of chewing, it stopped being bland and began to grow bitter.

She continued to chew, flavor was not the only reason she chewed gum, she also found the motion relaxing.

Eventually, though, the taste became revolting, becoming worse with each chew. She eventually spit it back out into a paper napkin.

When she looked at the napkin, she screamed. Instead of gum, she spat out the chewed remains of a large spider she had killed with the same newspaper she stuck her gum to earlier.

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