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i was playing minecraft as usual. ya know evry thing was good INTILL i made a new world. in the seed section i typed:

HEROBINE KILLS. i loaded the world. but it didnt load like it was soposed to. the loading background was pich black driping with blood. and instead of saying loading world it said loading doom.  when the world loaded

in the sky no clouds just a bloddy night sky. the moon was driping blood. FOG WAS ALL AROUND ME!

i figured out i was in a graveyard. but no ordanary grave yard. it had blood evry where.

so i started to wander. i found a tumbstone covord i blood that said : R.I.P

HEROBRINE. and then i saw somthing... fimilular...a ghostly figure in the fog.

then a tumb stone apeard next to herobrines that said: RIP STEVE.

then herobrine was running after me. i ran to a house hopeing i was safe.

then somthing weird hapend he blasted the door and before i knew it i was against the wall with blood evry where.herobrine was stnading in the doorway. giving me a

death stare. and after 30 seconds the screen went black with blood squirting

and steve screaming. after that a text box came up.as you know there are no

text boxes in minecraft. so it was not normal. it said "what have you done? why did you do this to me??"

then in a flash i saw steve all bloody with his organs spilled out and with his eyes riped out. then the words came up on the screen "only god can help you now" then the game tuned off. and i never played minecraft on pc again.

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