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I've committed a sin, I have murdered someone. I do not feel anything.As I look in the mirror, my face is expressionless and I have blood all over me, the knife I used is bloody as well. I look at the person I stabbed, it was one of my bullies from high school. "Aah, I should clean up the blood and dispose of the corpse." I say to myself. I also took a shower to get rid of the smell of blood off. I put the body in a trash bag and put it in the trash. After all of that work I go to sleep.

I wake up dizzy I look around me to see I'm not in the room I slept in. The room I was in was dark and it was devoid of furniture. I tried to move around but I couldn't. I look down and find I'm restrained. "Hello~" a voice calls,"Who's there?" I call out. A young girl comes out. The girl has pink-blue hair, and wait are those demon horns?

"Hello there~" the girl calls. "W-Who are you?" I ask, "Me? I'm Hime." the girl says smiling. "Okay, Hime can you please get me out of here." I ask politely, "Nah! Besides you've killed someone, why would I let you free." Hime says. 'W-wait how does she know that I-no no she must be bluffing!' I think to myself nervously.

"I wonder why you did it? Oh well now's for the fun part." Hime says happily. What is she talking about? "Agh!" I scream. I look down to find a knife in my leg. "We are only getting started." Hime says.

It's been 30 mintues, I've already lost my left hand and right foot. It hurts like hell. "Ok, so why did you kill the poor girl." Hime growled gripping my hair. "I was bullied by the person I killed." I said. "But, they could have changed a lot. People have the ability to recover from their past actions. However, what you did is despicable, you don't deserve forgiveness. You deserve to go to prison." Hime said darkly. Hime suddenly groaned, "You're a boring victim. Most of them would be screaming in pain. I'll let you go free." Hime said going back to the shadows. Does that mean- The door burst down it was the police. They came to see me.

So you've heard my story. Even after I'll doubt anyone has any remorse for me. Now I'm on parole after being 5 years in prison I'm now 20. I want to change and create a newer, better me. I, the killer thank you for listening to my story.

Thanks for reading! :D

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