Half Life: Side Story: Gaiden: HUNT DOWN FREE MAN

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Part One

MOINT PAN was a heccu marine at black missa who one day got sent there by army to kill headcrab zombie and scintist and every thing else. He was big team leader guy and had no mercy and kille anyone who made him mad or angery. Scintists beg him 'please! Do not die us!' BUT HE DID NOT FUCK OF CARE and shotted them until dead. He thought to himself almost 'it is good job to kill for my country but better job to kill for my country FOR MYSELF' and was happy and shotted more nerds.

BUT THEN out of nowhere GORDAN FREEMAN was there! MOINT PAN knew he had to do things and said to gordan 'I WILL FIGHT AT YOU!' so they fought because his order from army general was HUNT THE DOWN THE FREE MAN! But when he foguth him gordan won and beat him over rail with crow bar almost and nearly kill moint pan! Moitn pan was bloody on ground and had tooth in nose and eas nearly die but look up at gordan with last breathe and say to gordan "FUCK

and then gordan crowbar him until dead!

But dead he didnt! Because gman was there waiting and took him off to SECRET BLACK ROOM! Where he waked him to live new and said to him "THERE IS NEW DEAL. You work for US and instead of hunt for army you will for us and HUNT DOWN FREE MAN!" and moint pan say back to gman "NO" and gman say "WHY" and moint pan say back to gman "because I already kill his soul and body only thing left!" so he agree to kill rfeee man!

MOINT Pan fought his way thru the black missa halls and killed many headcrab zombie. He found a hored that was really bi g and roguh and had killed scintists and jumped in air and did flying spin kick and landed on the headcrabs of headcrab zombie and they all fell down dead from broken heads! And on the ground again mpint pan said 'it was headcrabs killed you, I am sorry I could not save' and ran off

until he was in albueruqueraeque, where in a room he was met with adman, who was spooky mysterious snihper who shotted his own men because they were headcrab zombie! And moint pan say to amadna, 'how can you shot men of yours almost!' and aman said "how many you boys did kill?" and then they were friends because of killed same people

and then they jumped on fast car and drove real real fast out of albeureuaqae until they got to army boy camp near ocean and linke dup with army team, and as leader of black ops soldiers moint pan led them to boat where there was captain whi was BAD and CHRISTIAN. And captain said "MOINT PAN you are devil boy who ahs come to defy god and be evil and god does not like you!" and moint pan said "FUCK YOU captain I am boat lord now!" and shotted him until he fell in halfs and he was dead!

And then they set sail for ureop where the combines were making everyone into citys of citizens and numbers for cities and city 16 was there but they went instead to big factory where kids was grown to be clones for combines! And clone master was there with daught and he said to moint pan 'why you come to clone factory"? And moint pan said 'I am to kill of the HUNT DOWN FREE MAN and I need army of clones to do it' and ckone man said ok

BUT THERE WAS A COMBINES BOSS WHO COMED THEN dangerous and big and all the clone kdis hied and moint pan stood strong and said GET OUT EVIL BOSS and tey fighted! Until the big evil combines boss was on ground covered in cumbine blood and he said in deep combines voice uIYOU CANNOT KILL THE BREEN OR HUNT DOWN FREE MANW ILL KILL HIM FIRST and moint pan said back real loud NOT IF I KILL U WHO WAN TO KILL HIM BEFORE! And crushed his head real hard almost under his boot!

When the combisen boss was dead moint pan looks at kid who are grather nearby and say to them 'I am your general master now and you will army for me' and they agreed, and then moint pan was a power stronger than anyone ever thought could be. Gman from shadows smiled and laughed and said 'moint pan you do not know this deal is not for you!'

to be contihnued?!!

Part Two (HALOF LIFE Side Story HUNT DOWN FREE MAN Part More: Moint Pan is Boss Even I Know!)

Ssevanteen years later, MOINT PAN was leader boss of clone army on boat. he was hardcore mercenary piarte and struck combines basses from ofshore with strike team read hard and fast. He was real important and big guy for his clone army and they all look up him and give total obedijnece. He was such a bastard for combines that they actually set portall in ocean just to drain waters and then he couldnt be pirate but he still did and many combines dead from his attacks! Even breen in office heard about him and thought to himself actually "moint pan is worse than my shoe! I want him go so combines can rule vorever!" and hace comebines bomb ocean so that they could try and kill moint pan! But it did not work and he still was!

UNTIL ONE DAYH when moint pan was in boat room cleand is gun and was sat alone and though "sevanteen years? huh! seems like a lot more cause i kill at LEAS savneteen combiens a day!" but then his mans camed and trie dto talk him and he said "GO AWAY I AM BOSS" but it was amda who went in and said to moint apan "is that any way to talk jo your secons in comand?" and moint paon said back "what you want?" but real dakr and amna said back to moint pan quiet like so no on but in room could hear "FREE MAN IS BACK!" and shoed moiint pan the crow bar!

MOINT PAN say "ImpossIBLE!" and throwed rowdbar acros room an said "GET OUT I NEED NO ONE!" and adna finaly left and mans too until moijnt pan wa salone in room, but he hear someone still within him breath at his back so he say to man "GET" but before he can finish it was GMAN!

All of Sudan room go black and gman say to moint pan "YOU DDI NOT FORGET DEAL MOINT PAN?! Free man is back so you go huNT DOWN FREE MAN!" and moint pan say back to gman "i can not! I am leader of boat I am clonse army! Combines can kill free man, leave me alone and go ass!" but gamn say back to moint pan "it is deal you must take moint pan! Cahnce for revenge is now! Defet free man and ur army will be strongist in entire world!" and moint pan knew he needes strong army so that when oceans goned he could be ruler of desret where oscans were and stand up to combines! So he say ok again and make new deal with gman!

Then he assmble men on deck of boat and walk down the rowes and satnd in front and say to men "i have made deal with gman and we must make deal ourselv with combines so that HUNT DOWN FRE MAN! Ever since I buy you all from clonman I knew best asoldier ever could be actually! Our bulets and our blood is al we have! We no flags, we no famly, only fight! I want you to be on me! Will you?" and men said yes, and moint pan gave order to go back to uroep where the city 16 whas!

Moint pan and clonse wented away into citadle, wehr when they reach ele;vator combines man say "why you here>" and moint pan say "i am met breen so that I can provoke him to support me and army int my endless years longest quest to do what has to be done by me and help gman to HUNT DOWN FREE MAN!" and combesin went moint pan up alone tot top of citale but instead of bren at disk it was clon man! And moint pan say to clonae man "huh! It is long time!' and clonse said back "i know you are here to help friend of ours..."

Moint Pan was SHOCK and say "uyo knows gman!?" and closem said "i knew him when you were toddler welp! How you think I clones all those child? It is not! Only gman! And now he want hont freeman? Okay it is! I agree on breen sake!" and they went to shook but before they could cosem said "only ones thing. Dagter is in resist now as inform for combines and she is near free man probably actually. DO. NOT. I repeat. DO. HARM. HER>" and moint pan say "it is not usual I make promise with man as small as you but you were friend when I needed so ok." and boys agree!

And then moint pan had colins drive boat to where coast near rebel base was and invades with colns kills many rebls as team! And as relb leader was dead almost on ground moint pan grab his face and hold him to face of self and argue at him "WHERE FREE MAN?!" but lead was dead already! And as team slaghter rebls moint pan go off to alone corner and stand himself and say "only week ago I was a relb too but now I am bombines? What is me? WHAT I FIGHT FOR?!"

but as he stand alone one rebl atack him! And when he pin her to ground he see it not reable but clonsdagter! And he say to her "you are cloans daghter! I must tell you secret combine things!" and she agree but they have to be very quiet so off they did to room where alone could speak. And dahter was no longer little but instead was mid 2-s and hot and moint pan thought secrelty "damn" but he was profesionel and did not say.

And in secret place moint pan say "lets HUNT DOWN FREE MAN becase you are combines spy and you know his spot!" and dauer say back "moint pan I must telly you very imporant thing abot freman but also about your boss who did made a... DEAL with you!" and moinpan was surpris and say out very loud "you knows GMAN?! Tell it now! What is deal? Ho is he? And what my porpoise in life accept to HUNT?!" and she say back to him very quiet "moint an the anser to all your problems is"

but all of sudden her hed explose! And stand behind her is amnad with smoaking gunn! Moint pan is shock and almost shoot oldes fren but sinsted he say out to him "why you kill hot dagter?!" and he say back to moint pan "Mmyeh, she was gonna rub ya out, see?" and moint pan trust him to kno truth becase he was oldes fren. But then they had to run because they had kill combines spy and cloon man knew it and say out "YOU KILL DAUUHTE? MOINT PAN YOU ARE MOINT CUNT!" and even a breen gave permision to kill him so now the combiens werent friend amymore!

And as clons die to giv cover agains combine foreces moint pan and amne snuk throuh tunnel untilt hey reach hiden space where amaad suednly stop and smile say "Moint Pan all ur answers are just ahed!" and the way behind shut real uick! Mojtn pan was stun but kept goin on to see where answer was and at end in place he mets with IT IS GMAN! And full of anerger moint pan fall to knee and yel out to gman "WHT IS DEAL?!?!?!?!?!"

and gmna give anser moint pan alays want: "Moint pan it was never your deal! Remembar black missa? One who crow bar you was never freeaman but instead was AMAD whole time! Oldes frint was actual spy for US! He keep eye on you for sevantien year so that when time came we could use to desctrat combins from freeman! You thut you HUNT DOWN FREE MAN? Ha! You are foool like baby so!" and moint pan say back to gman "wait! You mean you use spec ops soldier whose face I never see to beat me to actually death but then resurect me and make that boy my best fren only so that sevanteen year later you both culd use me to make it so freeman was always play on easy mode, even tho combins actually dont care about me and all I did was be on boat for two decade and be frame for kill one spy? BASTARD! Oldest trick in book, under my nose hole time!" and gman real menaccing say back "MOINT PAN, you have permision to be die!" and leave him alone suround by combins! Moint pan stand up with guns in hand and say out loud "i knew I would always be alone in end! That is good,! monster needs be alone to kill other monster!" and charge combins!

When dust setle moint pan was dead on ground for secon time in life. But has he lay corpse, the vorticums near... and with their magic powers...

Moint Pan woked up in secret vorticunt black room now, where was chanting noise and strange visions. He saw train frull of free mans all sitting and calm, but said to him "i was never to hunt free man, he was always frame. My hole life goal was a fuck." but then he feel strange presunce behind him and he knew who it was! It was deepest dearist face from past, one he had not seen forever but hwo was real famous and remember for his black missa deeds, highly popular charcter EISTEIN SCINTIST!

Moint pan say to him "you! I rember! Tell me, if not HUNT DOWN FREE MAN, what is point for moint?!" "STAHP" "i see, yes! But amda betray me and will probaly steal all clons! What can I do to save world?!" "HUEGH" "you are so wise in this place! I am thank old friend. One last thing, will us seee each other again?" "NOO" "yes, I know we can! Thank agin, frend! I go not to hunt down free man, but to HUNT DOWN AVENGE MOINT PAN!"

back on boat amda was real cunning and sisnster as he take over, say to self "deal with GMAN was great! Now I boat!" but as he look off to see he se surviver boat from beech and say again "haha! More slave for my boat army! I am god of clons!" but off of boat steps not just survive but also MOINT PAN! And men realze aman betray there boss! He say "oh no" and run off be chased by moint pan acros hoal boat! Until he reach bow where nowhere else to run and moint pan shoot him in back!

As he crawl up rail he try to beg moint pan and explain self, but moint pan not hear it and holding him to edge he say back: "You betray me! You angry me! You fuck my face! Now, admin, you have my permision to be die! Its too bad you wont live, but actually who does! Fill your hand yu son of bitch! How much I enjoy this? How many slice of bread you eat?! Admanb,You went to cran brook. it is privite school!" and with final shot he shot admaa in head and send him over rail into water gone forever yes!

New second command step up to moint pan side and say to him "where now sir?" and moint pan rember what scintist in vortiworld say to him, the secrit answer to end combins and save world, and say back to second boy "we head for Borerarliarles!"

and second boy say back "but combins are drain ocean so arctic is glaciar wall surround by hundred miles dry land!" and moint pan say "oh."

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