Halloween on xmas

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Fuck my Snes it Caused the Worst glitch

This is The Stroy

I tell my Family of Ogres and Urinals every Xmas even Though they already Know this Fucking Story

Whatever, just shut Up and Listen

It waas Xmas and We were Going to GrandMoms house for Supper and Gifts, maybe Horniness with my Cousins. Xmas is my Favourite

Then my Fucking Fucking Snes glitched

My family Turned into Ogres and Urinals

Skeletons strated Pooping OUt

At first I though It was A Glitch

And I was Fucking Right

Then a few Dicks dressed As Warios knockd on our Door and asked for Candy or they wourld "Trick" us and threatened us With Treats

Halloween on xmas?

My mom the Ogre says "XMAS IS CANCELLED YOU BITCHES I WANNA EAT THE BASTARD WHO TURNED ON THAT SNES" and my Dad the Urinal flushes Himself

Oh I wish I Was a Urinal!

Then Snes man came And Haunted the Dicks, their Poor Souls

I could see the Naked Souls

Souls so Horny and Naked, dead and Floating up into the Heavens. Look at That dick!

I hate You Snes Man you turn My Family into Ogres and Urinals

My sad Life ruined ONce More (are u scared boi?)

Xmas is cancelld (I feell That using Cliches makes For scary Pasta btw This is Reall)

This scary Experince stole my Soul and I can Not sleep anyMore so Scary

I is Starting subreddit - /r/mydickhasbeenstolen so I can Raise awareness Against this Cancerous Louse called the Snes Man (not snes, snes man you dumbfuck bastard)

Follow 'r' die. Lets Us stop this Nintendo Shit You call Mario because Glitch cans Happen anyTimme

Spread Awareness and you is Very scurred I scare Shit out of You! Asain Power!

Credited to Jet50 

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