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Hello, My name is John and I'm here because I need to tell somebody about the hallucinations that I've been getting. Over the past few days there have been trees, animals and even people, and I promise you when I say that I have never in my life seen these people. I'm scared to tell somebody so, I feel more comfortable here. Bye.

ello, I'm really scared because my hallucinations have been keeping me awake most nights. And the one thing that'll never leave my head is this recent hallucination that I have. It tells me that it goes by the name "hallucination monster". It sounded pretty stupid and cheesy to me, but the way it was said struck fear in me like no other. It also informed me that it is the one creating all the hallucinations that I see. I've been trying to talk to it but it won't reply to me at all. I can't take it anymore, I'm gonna end my life. I know I haven't been to descriptive but, I'm just to scared to put things in words. So thank you for listening. I think I hear it coming, farewell!!! Bye,

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